Giroux' Ch. Booger was born Nov. 27, 1978. Booger was bred by Dennis McNeil and Stan Duke. At a young age of six weeks, he moved into the home of Geatan Dinelle. There he became a house dog and at the tender age of six months he started, and never stopped.

Booger was very strong and had a very hard bite. He was well behaved and made a good watch dog. When you walked him he was always looking for trouble, and never try to take a bone away from him.

Booger was then purchased by Alan Waldman in 1982, until then he had been rolled but never matched. He was game tested, and this almost cost him his life. But it did prove him to be as great as Dinelle said he was. In May, 1982, his first match was with Timothy Ian, that lasted :38 minutes. His next match was with Lefty in November, 1982, it lasted :20 minutes. His third match was into Angelo & Ashton's Barron. At 10 minutes, his front end was down, but he went on to win in :48 minutes, this was his hardest match.

His ability as a match dog was over shadowed by his ability to produce. He was bred about twelve times and of those twelve breedings about half produced litters. Of those few breedings he sired many winning dogs like Gr. Ch. Booker out of Scarlet. Ch.'s Coco Stanley, Crush and Stryker out of Losco's Coleen ROM. B & W's Ch.'s Spice and Jolly Joker and numerous 1 and 2 time winners.




As a pup Buck was sold by Pat Patrick to a physician. He proved to be an unsatisfactory pet and was sold to the late Alan Waldman who matched and won two with Buck in the low 50's.  One over Aldo's Zeke, who later became a Champion, and the other over Winchester's Conan.  STP purchased Buck from Alan Waldman when Buck just turned 2 years old and campaigned him at his correct weight, 46 lbs. As soon as STP started to work Buck they saw he had incredible stamina.  In STP's hands, Buck demolished all of his competition, which included some highly regarded match dogs. Buck did not dazzle fanciers with ten-minute wins, but he had virtually no weakness as a match dog and always dominated his opponent, no matter what style.  

Buck's first match, with STP, was into Tito's Tonka, which was no match for Buck as Tonka stopped in less than :30 minutes.

His next was against Captain America's Jumbo Jim. Jumbo Jim was a double bred Gr. Ch. Hank dog, and was hand picked to defeat Buck. Jumbo made an incredible scratch at 1:30, but by 1:57 he collapsed in his corner unable to go.

In Buck's 5th he went into Rodney's two time winner JR, littermate to Gr. Ch. Yellow ROM. JR was handled at :52 minutes and could not go any further. Jr. later went on to win three more. 

For Buck's 6th match was against P. & H.'s Rocky, a rough son of Ch. Jeep and Gr. Ch. Miss Rage. Rocky was picked up in a little over an hour.  Rocky went on to win his championship after another loss to Super Gnat's Gr. Ch. Ace.

At this point Buck was retired as a 6 time winner and not yet 4 years old. I was conditioning Super Gnat's Gr.Ch. Ace for his 4th match, into P. & H.'s Rocky, when I received a call from STP.  He explained that after 2 years of retirement, his Gr.Ch. Buck was contracted into Ricky Jones and Gr.Ch. Sandman, at 48 lbs. Both dogs were exceptionally seasoned match dogs with similar styles and STP predicted that the match would be a long one. This was the first time in history that two registered Grand Champions were to meet.

Rebel Kennels Gr.Ch. Sandman was bred and raised by Ricky Jones from a Rascal / Jeep and Boomerang cross. Word had it that Ricky was able to take some of the unwanted dogs from some very good dogmen, and by sheer determination and good sense Ricky had bred bulldogs that could compete and win over the best in the country. Some of the best match dogs, at any weight, were either owned by Rebel Kennels, or were matched into Rebel Kennels.

There were about 25 fanciers waiting for the match to start. My friend Peter from Holland was betting on Sandman, while I was betting on Buck. This was the first time we were not on the same side of the betting. The dogs were released and Sandman shot over like a rocket and got a good hold. When Sandman got to the stifle, Buck slowly and deliberately got him out. Ricky got all excited and said that Bucks stifle was broken. For the first 20 minutes Sandman was all over Buck, but then Buck started to dominate the action. Buck was a little stronger and had a little heavier mouth. He was taking the match to Sandman, but neither could get much of a lead over the other.  Both dogs could hardly be held in their corner as they rocketed across on their scratches. About an hour and a half into the match Sandman got a good hold on Buck's neck. As Buck tried to twist out of this hold, Sandman held on and a stalemate ensued. Sandman would not release his hold and Buck could not get free, so the two Grand Champions were locked motionless and time dragged on. It seemed that both dogs were asleep. Buck started to vocalize his frustration at being unable to move. Ricky became even more excited, interpreting the noise as a sign of Buck wanting to quit. Nothing could be further from the truth as Buck finally extricated from the hold and resumed his dominance over Sandman. Ricky not only began to denigrate Buck but also STP. At one point he said that he was going to kick Buck's ribs in because he was such a cur. I encouraged him to go ahead and do it since the foul would leave Buck the winner. I think that Ricky began to realize that Buck was going to beat his Sandman dog and this was his way of dealing with that possibility. No matter how many times and how many ways Ricky verbally abused Buck and STP he never let it bother him. STP stayed with his dog and ignored all the outside shenanigans. STP gave fanciers a good demonstration of coolness and decisiveness in a tough situation. This was an even match until at the end when Sandman began to falter and it was clear that Buck was going to win. At three hours and 17 minutes, after 3 more scratches Sandman took the count. Buck's courtesy scratch, was a running one and he slammed into Sandman.

We hustled Buck into a nearby shed and I started an intravenous line. Buck received 10 cc's of Azium in about 800 mls of Ringers before he ripped the line out of his leg. In an adjacent shed, Ricky worked in an effort to save Sandman. I was told that he gave Sandman an injection of Epinephrine, which is often used by human rescue personnel. The shot of "Epi" as it is known to the members of the rescue squad, killed Sandman immediately. Buck would not be still so I stopped the IV, which had leaked into the surrounding tissue.  Buck stayed at my house for two weeks after the match, recovering from his ordeal. At 5:00 AM every morning, Buck would start his scream / howl, which echoed throughout the house. When I walked him outside, Buck would try to lunge at the other dogs in my yard, even though he could hardly stand up. It was obvious that his spirit had not been broken in spite of the lengthy battle with Sandman.  Once recovered Buck went back to STP's and the old warrior lived the good life, breeding bitches and eating good food until he died.




Barney Fife purchased a female pup from a Davis' Midnight Cowboy X Hand's Gr. Ch. Candy breeding and named her Sea Train, after the famous rock band. While still a puppy, Sea Train was sold to STP who raised her to maturity.

At the time Barney Fife was breeding Zebo dogs, as Zebo was showing exceptional pit dogs, when STP phone to ask who he should breed Sea Train to. It was no surprise that Zebo was recommended as a stud. Tar Heel Matt purchased a pup named Margie, who whelped Panther.

During her younger years, Margie whelped two litters sired by Tar Hill Matt's Monzon, who had won two matches. Panther was whelped in the 2nd litter. Monzon was sired by Lonzo's Mike, who too was a 2X winner. His dam was also a 2X winner named Rick's Thistle, who was Big Boy and Bullyson breeding.

Tar Hill Matt had some good dogs from the first breeding of Monzon and Margie, so he repeated the breeding and produced several more pit wilnners. Some of these were Willie, Billy (1XW), Bonnie (1XW), Jimmy (who stopped Ch. Spike), Carlos (1XW, 1XL) and Monzon, Jr. Tar Heel Matt contacted Barney Fife to condition Panther and put his weight out at 55lbs., when Boss Hog picked it up.  Boss Hog came with a large boned, Red Boy bred dog, and weighed in exactly at 55lbs., Panther weighed in 2lbs. light. Panther came out fast trying for the shoulders, but the white dog was adept at holding out Panther. The patern continued with Panther trying, but unable to get any good holds. At the twenty minute mark, Panther hit the front end and the white dog was in trouble. By the 40 minute mark, Panther was putting the finishing touches on the white dog, who took the 10 count in his corner making Panther the winner in 40 minutes. For reasons unknown, Panther's weight was never picked up again for almost two years.

In the mean time, Panther demolished several roll opponents with such speed, that his formidable reputation grew even more. At the age of six, Matt retired Panther and bred him to several of his bitches. After several years Panther was sold to Rich Cupo, where he died shortly after.

Panther sired 1 Grand Champion, 1 registered Champion, and many other winners. The best of Panther's offspring retained the signature trade mark of this strain. They would start fast and if a dog could not avoid their charge, the Panther dogs would win in short order.




Virgil was born in a litter of four and he was the last one to turn on. He was rolled at eighteen months, but he was not interested. Virgil finally turned on when he was at the age of two.

In his first roll he fought against a hard biting "Eli" dog, who hit two bleeders within four minutes. Virgil retaliated by destroying this dog within the next six minutes. In his next roll, Virgil came off the chain to fight against a big strong opponent of "Boomerang" breeding, who was conditioned, and thirty minutes later picked his dog up. Virgil had done considerable damage and was about to put him away. Big Brad contacted Ozzie and set up a match with a friend of his at forty-nine pounds. Ted and Frank used a dog named Harley, who was barnstormed from the start, and was picked up in :28 minutes.

Virgil's second came F. Rocca called to inform Ozzie that Mike So. had a two time winner called Cain that nobody would match. Virgil came in heavy and Mike requested the forfeit, but was later convinced by B. Bryan that if the match was still going on a :45 minutes, Ozzie would concede. Cain was counted out at :38 minutes in a fast paced match, which gained Virgil his second victory.

Next was Grace's Ch. Elmo, who was a litter mate to Gr. Ch. Mickey and Gr. Ch. Trouble. After a debate over the scale, the match started. Elmo hit a bleeder in Virgil's muzzle and another one in his shoulder. By :08 minutes Elmo had Virgil down. Virgil came off the bottom with Elmo's chest in his mouth and pressed Elmo over his head. After a flurry by Virgil, Elmo wouldn't fight back any longer and was picked up in :30 minutes, thus making Virgil a Champion.

His fourth was into Swango and Sears' Ch. Chisohm. By :40 minutes Ch. Chisohm was in bad shape and Swango conceded at :52 minutes.

For his Grand Championship, Virgil went into Phil's Little George who was a two time winner and a deep game dog. Phil conceded this match at :43 minutes, Little George later went on to win his Championship and also become a ROM producer.

In between Ozzie had contacted Brabham and Singleton, who at the time owned another dog that had made a name for himself , Grand Champion Snake, in hopes of hooking these two destroyers into each other. Unfortunately, this match never came to.

Virgil was six years old, when he was sold to Solo, formerly with STP, where he lived until he died at the age of 11. Before his death, Virgil sired Champions Beast, Becky, Bonnie, Brenda, and Jitney.




I received a phone call from Super Gnat one morning, around 6 A.M., and we had a conversation about the dogs. Some people might think that's a little strange as to why we would be conducting a conversation about bulldogs at six in the morning...this is what people call being dogmen. I had asked Super Gnat to supply me with a story about one of his dogs, thinking he would provide me with a story on one of the many famous dogs that he has owned or been associated with such as, Gr. Ch. Ace, Gr. Ch. Angus, Ch. Charlie, Ch. Ruby, Ch. Willie, Gr. Ch. Zebo, Ch. Feisty, Ch. Chino or Boots. But, the first thing he said was Smiley, "do a story on Smiley...the best 43 lb. female in the world". Smiley? I had forgotten all about Smiley, then I remembered the time her daughter ran out of the house, Super Gnat and his wife then told me to remain still and she won't bother you. I then asked them who this female was and they said this is Wishbone a daughter of Guess and the ol' Ch. Smiley.

Smiley was a product of Ch. Charlie being bred to Honey Babe II, a Snooty / Miss Pool Hall Red gyp. She won her first match over The Mountain Man, L. Hughes. She then went into H. Pack and the Carolina Gang, winning her second. For Smiley's third, she was matched into a female owned by C. Packet. In this match Smiley was picked up, as Packet's female hit a bleeder in Smiley and Super Gnat picked her up at the :20 minute mark.

For Smiley's third, Super Gnat and Squeaky called for the services of Barney Fife to condition Smiley for what would be one or her toughest matches. Barney Fife was reluctant to condition a dog he felt had no chance of winning as Smiley was set to go into S.T.P. and his destroyer named Ch. Bonnie. Bonnie was a 4 time winner, running through every opponent she faced as did her sire O. Stevens' Gr. Ch. Virgil. The odds were placed at 2:1 against Smiley, to make matters even worse, Barney Fife took the conditioning fee he earned and bet against Smiley. As he said "there was no way that Smiley was going to be able to take the punishment Ch. Bonnie was about to dish out" and he knew of Smiley being picked up the match before.

Well, the match turned out to be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the game.




Some dogs can be recognized by titles they earn such as champion, grand champion and register of merit, Angus is recognized by the title of "Champion of Champions".

Angus' sire was a dog named Willie Brown's Nigger, who was a two time winner, sired by Clayton's Eli, Jr. bred to his mother, Boudreaux' Spook. Angus' dam, O. Stevens' Heidi, was bred by A. Steinberg from Sly Fox to Red Pepper (Ed Ritcheson blood) and was a litter mate to Ch. Prince. She was originally owned by O. Stevens' and matched once at twenty nine and a half pounds. She demonstrated the fustrating style of hanging on the bottom jaw and discouraging her opponent until Ziggy M. and Tony M. conceided the match in an hour. Ozzie then traded her to Big Brad and Keummerling, because he didn't have any use for her, as far as breeding. The bitch she was traded for was a cold gyp, at the time, named Geraldine.

Big Brad tested Angus and because of the fact that Big Brad had numerous winners already on his yard, he sold Angus to Billy Stepp as a game dog. Angus then went on to shake up the dog world by defeating Rixey's Coal Cat, Jay's Buster, Crenshaw's Ch. Otis, Keummerling's Ch. Freddie (brother to O. Stevens' Ch. Homer), Garza's Heman and Love's Tiger, all of which were great dogs. Angus was then hooked into, the then 3X winner, Ch. Jeep as a rematch for the victory over Stinson and Stepp's Ch. Black Glover. During the keep, Angus was involved in an accidental kennel fight with Ch. Ruby and was wrecked in the chest area, thus forcing Stepp to pay the forfeit to J. Crenshaw. After Angus healed from this incident, they hooked up with Crenshaw to try the Angus / Jeep match again. Unfortunately, Angus got loose once again and ran straight into Ruby. By the time Stepp got there, the damage was aleady done, because so much money was riding on this match, Stepp and Co. asked O. Stevens if they could borrow, the 4X winner, Ch. Homer as a replacement so as not to lose another forfeit. Which is how one of the greatest matches of all time came about, Crenshaw's Ch. Jeep VS Stevens' Ch. Homer.

Angus wasn't bred many times, but in his few breedings he sired good dogs such as Diaz' Ch. Mac, out of Torres' George. When bred to Stepp's Ch. Ruby, he produced Broadway Jack's Gee Whiz, Super Gnat's Guess (2X winner), Super Gnat's Ch. Butch, Suzy, and the 7X winner Racehorse. Also, there was Solo's Cobra, Big Brad's Loco, Patience, and Tara, Texas Ron's Major, Frankie, Sassy, Evil (who lost to O. Stevens' Ch. Zero), and Ralph's Prince (who was picked up at 1:57).

He was the sort of dog that would overcome, and adapt to any style that was put before him as his record shows. In competitions, he defeated many whom went on to become foundation stock for other breeding programs. From all accounts told he possessed smarts, mouth, ability, gameness (reason he was sold by Big Brad), structure, his only downfall was he was a man-biter, such as many of the best-to-be were ie; Gr Ch Art (ROM), Gr Ch Zebo (ROM), Dbl Gr Ch Tornado, Ch Honeybunch (ROM), and Ch Yellow John (ROM) just to name a few with very similar qualities.




Red Boy was the result of a father/daughter breeding of Teal's Jeff and Mc Leod's Susie Q Gal. Teal's Jeff was off of Teal's Sarge bred to Teal's Lou. Teal's Sarge was a pure Colby dog out of Colby's Dime bred to Colby's Margie. This combination of Red Boy/Cleo had produced top quality proven brood females, who in turn were bred back to Red Boy or other inbred Red Boy studs to strengthen and improve the line. The gameness of this line is legendary, and is what has made the Red Boy strain so highly desirable. These are fast starting fiery dogs with tremendous wind. Some would say that the only draw back to the Red Boy line is the lack of mouth, this is not the case with all Red Boy dogs, but has pretty well been accepted as the truth by most. It really comes down to a list of priorities, gameness versus mouth.

His classic match against Cables Fang exemplifies that:
1st match: - Mr. Bass vs. William Cable - males @ 52 lbs. J. Adams - referee. J.C. Vincent is handling a red-red nosed dog that he been conditioned for this match by Howard T. He's called Red Boy. William Cable conditioned and handled his two-time winner Fang, a red dog black mask. Fang in Red Boy's chest and has a good hold and stays there. Red Boy trying to get him out with ear holds. At 9 minutes a turn is called on Fang, but he's in hold with Red Boy's leg in his mouth. Handled at 17 minutes Fang scratches good. Red Boy scratches at 21 minutes and comes to the top fighting the head. Fang evens things up fighting the back end at 28 minutes. Red Boy on the nose. 30 minutes Fang scratches. The dogs are handled again at 33 minutes and the referee makes an error and Fang scratches again. Three more scratches by Red Boy and two by Fang and at 1 hour 2 minutes Fang is to scratch. He wanders off to a neutral corner and is counted out. Bass' Tramp Red Boy wins.

The Red Boy dogs gained their fame in the Carolina's, but their main introduction into the fast lane came with the cross of Ch. Jocko. Jocko, a Carolina dog himself, was a pit intelligent dog with good biting ability, something the Red Boy dogs did not have. Red Boy dogs were extremely game soft mouth dogs, with the exception of Chavis Ch Yellow John. Yellow John was the first of the Red Boy breeding to earn the title of champion. He was a 43lb. buckskin dog that won three in th South in 1980-1981. Yellow John went on to produce some of the most honest bulldogs of modern times Tant's Gr.Ch. Yellow. STP's Gr. Ch. John Boy, STP's Ch. Sassy, Super Gnat's' Boots (who holds the record for the longest recorded match in history, going 4:52 for the win), Melvin's 5X winner JR. and others.

The Red Boy/Jocko cross continue to live on today and are exceptional fast lane dogs. Some of the most successful crosses with the Red Boy strain have been with: Red Boy/Jocko, Jeep/Red Boy, Jeep/Red Boy/Rascal, and more recently Red Boy/Patrick. These are all proven crosses that have taken the sporting game to a new level in performance. Some additional Red Boy dogs of note are Marlowe's Ch. Britches, Miller's Red Man a great producer in his day and the sire of Hoffman's Booger ROM, Marlowe's Rattler the sire of Ch. Britches, Marlowe's Mr. Bulldog the sire of both Peaches, Tabby Girl and Miret's Bud, who sired Ch. Gambler, and O. Stevens' Red Ape, who has produced Ch. Bear, Ch. Irish Rebel and many other winners.




GeeMan’s (Harris') BAM-BAM was born on Oct 26th 1980. A gift to me from my father.  He was my first APBT. I’ve concluded that he was the first and last dog I will ever feel such a deep attachment to. He survived several chapters of my life. When he grew too old and I could no longer spend time with him, I sent him back to my father to end his years in the sun, peace & quiet. He retired an official 1x winner, though he won so many impromptu rolls and semi-official contests that I dare not try to recall them!

BAM-BAM traveled with me though the streets of NYC in the 1980’s. Anyone familiar with the history of NYC during that period of time knows what that means. He was my ticket to the streets as well as to the inner true dog man circles. He had a style that would make most true dog men reach for either a for sale sign or a rifle…depending on how far gone a dogman he was (ha-ha). Anyone who knew me, remembered that I despised the destruction of a dog regardless of what it couldn’t do, but I also despised cur males (females could do what they wanted). BAM-BAM was bred from the old southern stuff. Nothing too fancy, just hard nosed bulldogs. He came along when everyone was on the Jeep bandwagon, along with several other names of the day. So his pedigree did not start dogmen to swoon. Yet when he was through confusing their best, they wanted a closer look.

There are so many stories I could tell about this clown, standing in a corner until the last second, jumping clean in the air above an oncoming freight train causing it to crash into a wall before he picked his favorite spot. Going across at 2 miles an hour, then 150 miles an hour…never quitting though, ha-ha-ha! Protecting me, my car, my kids, etc. as he provided that rare combination of watchdog & bulldog that I had never seen before and have yet to see again. There will never be another one like him.

Heres to you BAM-BAM…MY CHAMPION !!




Pathfinder and Barney Fife traveled down to a private show over a decade ago. Charlie, Jr., a 49lb. male sired by Snooty out of Mims' Hannah Patch, and Brewer's Copy, a 38lb. female, by Johnson's Zeb out of Honey Babe, was going that day. Both dogs had unusual ability, so a exciting show was anticipated. Charlie, Jr. never got a chance to show his stuff and was picked up with a bleeder in 12 minutes.

Copy ran into a slick ear and nose dog who kept Copy out for 25 and made a mess of her face. But Copy shook so hard her back feet came off the ground and the other bitch stopped in 33 minutes. When allowed to courtesy scratch, she knocked her opponent and handler over the wall.

Pathfinder was determined to get a pup out of Copy, after her devastating performance. Copy's sire was Johnson's Zeb, a big money winner, sired by Gr. Ch. Boomerang out of Devine's Patty, Gr. Ch. Art's sister. Her dam was Honey Babe a low ability, game bitch by Snooty out of Wood's 3X winner Honey. Copy was a clone of her sire hence the name Copy. Copy was bred to Snooty twice and Brewer's Susie was the only puppy from that second breeding. Copy died from heart worms.

Susie's history in rolls was remarkable considering that she lost her teeth at an early age. Never the wrecking ball her mother was, Susie relied on power and tenacity to dominate.

Susie was bred three times and she whelped two litters out of Bullyson bred stud dogs. The first breeding was to Groves' 6X winner, Rufus (Cowboy breeding) and the second was to Mountain Man's Ch. Little Bill, Ch. Homer breeding. Susie died with a belly full of pups by Raleigh.

Susie's sister, from the first Copy litter, Busenbark's Rosie was said to be a game, low ability bitch. Rosie produced Ch. Rattler ROM, Delta, and a few others when bred to Irish Tom's Justice.

This is the story of another outstanding bulldog that is probaly unknow to the public, but highly regarded by those who knew her.




In early 1993, LeFonze and Bird drove their bitch Shabba out to Windy City Combine to breed her to Ch. Reno. Six pups were born, with Bird getting 3 and LeFonze getting 3. LeFonze favored a little bucksin male and called him Rolex.

When Rolex was 10 months old he was sold to Paul of the Jersey Boys. When Rolex reached about 12 months old we had a quick look at. He showed good signs at his young age. I later bought Rolex back from Paul when he was about 15 months old. A local guy in NY had a male from Kenny Gaines' that he had open, so I took a chance on my young prospect.

Match #1, we hooked into The Ranger and his Diablo dog at 40 lbs. with Joe D. doing the honors. The pace was fast, Rolex started in the chest & front end with Diablo on defense. After 5 minutes, Diablo gets Rolex out with a nose hold. It's all Diablo 'til about the 30 minute mark, when Rolex starts to come back working the chest. after two each Diablo is picked up in :44. His second was into Second To None and the 38 dog at 40 lbs. It was very hot that night with Jersey Boys' "T" doing the honors. They go at it fast with Rolex working the chest, and it's over in :20, when 38 don't run his first scratch. For his third, I was hooked into Full Force Kennels Junior at 41 lbs. This show didn't take place as we traveled to "Brick City" from upstate NY and when we got there, they wanted us to travel another 3 hours to Philly. So, I later got him hooked into Strickly Business, with them using a son of Gr. Ch. Buster Brown named Blizzard at 41 lbs., with Second To None doing the honors. They go at it fast with things even. They both run 7 each, by then Rolex has gotten to the front end and he is declared the winner in 1:07.

Rolex made his championship at the age of 2, when most bulldogs are just getting started. He passed away 3 days after his last match. He was bred three times before he died, only 7 survivors from the three breedings. From those 7, he produced O.T.S.'s Ch. Casino and Mr. Kilroy's Tinman, 2XW-1XL picked up game. His son Ch. Casino also produced the 2XW Loco. There is only one dog living off of Ch. Rolex and she'll die with us.

Ch. Rolex has a littermate brother that is still living.




In the early 1970's, in North Carolina, was a young fancier named Lonzo Pratt who was just starting in th dog game and was purchasing and breeding some well bred dogs from known dog men. He had purchased a young tested gyp from J. Loposay by the name of Fay, who was sold because she turned cold and wouldn't start for Jack Kelly and was left on Loposay's yard by Pete Sparks. After numerous breedings Lonzo struck fame from one breeding that conatined three males and two females. The two females were Lena and Rosie, the males were Crush, Vindicator, and Zero. Of the three males Zero and Vindicator would distinguish themselves as great match dogs. The better of the two was Zero, as Zebo was originally named, who gained his fame as a match dog and producer. In all, this black 40-44 lb. dog won a total of seven contract matches, thus becoming a registered Grand Champion, a Register Of Merit sire, and a member of the Bulldog Hall Of Fame, the only dog to be recognized by these three honors.

Zebo's career began on the yard of Lester Hughes, "The Mountain Man", where he won four times, all quick kills. After his fourth he was shipped to the yard of Grady Cummings and while there, Cummings' Red Fox made the mistake of getting off his leash and ran into Zebo and was killed. Grady then made Lester get Zebo off of his yard. Zebo was then sold to Dave Adams' of Ohio, of whom Zebo is best associated with. At first Mr. Hughes hadn't intended on selling Zebo, but Mr. Adams came up with enough money to change his mind.

His most noted match was against Ch. Greaser and how both sides thought they had trapped the other side by running in an "ace" on their opponent’s "average" dog. How wrong they both were. Champion Zebo was the black dog and Champion Greaser was the brindle. How they came to meet on a cool night in a barn in Ohio, is a complicated but interesting story. Champion Greaser was being campaigned at 44 pounds in and around Oklahoma and Champion Zebo was being matched around North Carolina at 40 pounds. "Greaser" was an extremely smart defensive type of dog that could really bite. He’d gained his deserved reputation by proving this in his first four matches against dogs that were not pushovers. Likewise, so had Zebo. The difference being Zebo’s matches were short ones, lasting only 22,26,17 and 33 minutes, all kills. After his fourth win, a man named Adams bought Zebo and took him back up north to Ohio. Adams had a friend named Hudson who had matched a dog at 44 pounds into a father and son team from St. Louis. Hudson’s dog was from Maurice Carver, and was a two time winner at 44 pounds named Tex. Hudson was a nice fellow but, could really get on your nerves bragging so much on his dog, because it was Tex this and Tex that, for as long as you would listen. I guess the team from St. Louis got tired of listening and just figured they would whip old Tex and shut Hudson up. Now, when you matched into this father and son team, you had better do three things, get a good dog, have the dog in good shape, and say your favorite prayer. As luck, or fate, or whatever you desire to call it goes, Tex got hurt in a chain fight and Hudson was going to have to pay the forfeit. Rather than give away money, he called Adams and offered Adams a deal. If Adams would take over the match with Zebo and win, Hudson would split the winnings with him and, if he lost Hudson would pay the whole bet. Adams had been walking Zebo and cutting his weight, for at that time there was a big convention in Mexico being matched up and Adams had turned Zebo’s weight in. The Mexican Convention was supposed to be the biggest and best ever put on but, the law intervened and it never did come about. Adams didn’t know the convention would fall apart, but he thought that as he had almost three months until the Mexican convention and Tex’s match was only three weeks away, that he could take over Tex’s match and win without getting hurt too much and still be healthy and set Zebo down in the Mexican convention. So, he agreed to take over the match, but told his backer that if Zebo wasn’t way ahead at 30 minutes he was going to pick him up, because he wanted to match him in the "Big Convention." Hudson agreed to this as with Zebo’s kill record…he would rather gamble and give up a few pounds to make it number 5 than give up the forfeit.

Meanwhile, out in St. Louis, the "team" had a dog that was considered to be the best 44 pounder of his time. This Greaser had started out being called Yuebanks’ Greaser. If my information is correct, Yuebanks’ campaigned Greaser in his first four matches. All wins over some highly regarded opponents. Greaser had given his fans real reason to call him the best 44 pounder alive, as his opponents were good caliber dogs like Moloney’s Alligator and Mayfield’s Go Devils. The "Team" purchased Greaser especially for the Tex match since old Tex was a good dog in his own rights and the "team" knew they had to have an above average dog in order to beat Tex (how and why the "team" got Greaser is only hearsay on my part, the point is Greaser was the best 44 pounder alive. And he was the dog they had to use on Tex.) So we have the stage set. The Ohio boys have an "Ace" named Zebo, which the "team" doesn’t know about. And the "team" has an "ace" named Greaser tuning up that the Ohio boys don’t know about.

Then it became time to put up or shut up for old Zebo, for Adams announced he was taking over Hudson’s match. The night of the battle of Champions arrived, with only Greaser’s side knowing now that they were going into Zebo. When they arrived, they wanted to see this "killer dog" they were matched into and laughingly said, "He don’t look like no killer to us." Adams, nor any of his backers, knew Zebo was going into a 4 x winner. They should have suspected something for fanciers from out west had driven all the way to Ohio to see Greaser knock off this killer dog. Jimmy Jobe, the editor of Pit Dog Report, a Mayfield magazine for bulldogs, drove all the way and didn’t even mention the match in his magazine. This match was one of the best kept secrets in the dog world and when the story of it taking place did start to circulate, the match was down played. The first report of it anywhere (that I am or was aware of) was in Richard Stratton’s book. When you read the account, it tends to make you believe Zebo "got lucky" and hurt Greaser bad at the beginning of the match. This is false as, Greaser was on all fours late in the fight.

When the dogs were weighed, Zebo weighed just over 40 pounds. Greaser hit the scales at exactly 44 pounds. As Adams circulated among his backers before the match, he reminded everyone that he was giving up 4 pounds and was going to pick Zebo up at 30 minutes because he’d only worked him for three weeks and 4 pounds was too much to spot. As they released the two champions, you could bet all you wanted on Zebo and get odds of 3 to 1 or three hundred against your one hundred. As bets were laid and odds were taken, the name Greaser started to finally slip out. Zebo’s backers were aware finally that this was not going to be a walk over. People started to worry about their bet because Adams had warned that he was gone at 30 if Zebo wasn’t way ahead. Adams said later, "When Dogman and Johnson called me to the side of the pit at about the five minute mark, and told me they recognized the brindle dog as CH. Greaser, any thought of picking Zebo up at thirty minutes was gone. I knew I would let him battle as long as he had any chance to win. I realized that I didn’t have to go to Mexico to prove that Zebo was a great dog, the chance had come to me." As the match progressed, it could be basically reported in two sentences…."Greaser is extremely smart on defense and punishes Zebo bad about the head. Zebo is extremely smart on getting to the brisket and punishes Greaser bad in the chest." That is how close the match was. You would think that the four pounds would tip the scales in Greaser’s favor, but Zebo was ever so gradually getting a little bit deeper in the chest and even though Greaser was as smart as ever relying on defense, he was forced to allow Zebo in more often as the match grew older. The following is an accurate account of the match as can be made but, remember as you read this excerpt from Mr. Stratton’s book, that in this writer’s opinion ( and I was there), Zebo took Greaser down a notch at a time over the entire match, where here it tends to make you think that Greaser was destroyed early.

Unfortunately, Zebo attacked Mr. Adams' son and nearly took his son's ear off. After the request of Mr. Adams' wife, Zebo was sold again, this time to Mr. Johnson who fought him twice more. The last time to a son of his litter mate brother, Vindicator. Mr. Johnson hoped to get another match in, but was unable to find any takers, despite the fact that Zebo was past seven at this point.  Thus, Zebo was retired to stud, and lived to the age of 13, siring his last litter days before his death. He had lost sight at the end, due to the extensive damage he sustained, for no dog was ever able to get to his rear.

During the time of Zebo's career as a match dog, there were two other dogs in his weight class that too was making names for themselves: Stinson & Glover's Gr. Ch. Art and Giroux' Ch. Gunner, 4X winner. It was planned to have a "round robbin" for the title of the greatest match dog.lj yjy[jl]yt]jjljld, were as each dog would go into each other to prove who was the greatest match dog. Each of these great dogs where relatively close to each other in regard to location. But, for whatever reasons, and hearsay has provided many, the matches never materialized.

Vindicator, was a red/red nosed dog that many, who had witnessed him matched contend he was a better dog than Zebo. He was a two time winner, winning each in identical times of 1:30. One of those victories was over Finley's Ch. Bo. He lost his third to Cutchin's Ace. Vindicator died at a young age of heart worms.

Rosie, like Vindicator, was also red/red nosed, but was never formally matched, though she was tested for 1:10. She simply was considered to ge too valuable as a brood bitch. She lived to the age of 10, dying also of heart worms a month after her last litter.

Zebo produced Stepp's Ch. Willie and Adams' Ch. Katy when bred to Tomsic's Spider ROM. Ch. Willie was, as said by some, to have the same destructive force of his sire, by killing each of his opponents in times of :27, :54, and :29 minutes. Others produced by Zebo were Ch. Ruby, Ch. Abuelita, Ch. Zipper, Ch. Diamond Jim, Clemmon's 2XW Z-Boy, Nigger Tobe, Super Gnat's 2XW Blackie and Hughes' Gator just to name a few of the good dogs he sired. He is the grand sire to some great ones like Doc's Ch. Moe who was a Grand Champion until he ran into Red B's Ch. Charlie. Many said that Moe went to the well one time too many in his loss against Charlie. After his victories over Ch. Fargo and his brother Basket, too much was taken out of him to go into a much younger dog like Charlie.

The breeding that produced Zebo and his litter mates was one of those outstanding litters that come only once in a while. Basically this breeding was a Dibo/ Old Family Red Nose/ Colby cross, which explains why all of Zebo's litter mates were red or red/ red nosed. But where did this one black dog come from? Many speculate Zebo wasn't bred as represented, for one Mr. Hughes purchased Zebo from Lonzo without any papers. Some claimed Mr. Hughes sold many different Zebo's. And a lot claim Zebo to be a half brother to another famous pair, Eli, Jr. and Bullyson. Although, Lonzo's Andy was a black dog himself and Zebo through nothing but black dogs, even when bred to various, different colored females, it still remains a question in a lot of people's minds.




In 1990 The texas Iron Man Coy D. and a friend purchased some dogs from the yard of Joe Hoskins and Tony McCool. They left with some very good prospects and a 10 month old male, who was whelped in April of 1989, out of McCool's Sack and Hoskin's Betty Joe. Since the litter was out of Sack, who had quit in 1:42 against a good dog of Bo Well's, for this reason the litter was not high on Mr. McCool's list and wasn't worth much to him. As a matter of fact, the whole litter of six was offered to L.G. for $300. The 10 month old male was sold for $100 and was called Banjo.

After a quick roll, at the age of 12 months, Banjo was then purchased by Coy from his friend for $150. At this time, The Texas Iron Man also returned to Hoskins and McCool's yard to purchase three more litter mates of Banjo $100 each. Two of these yearlings were culled and one female was kept, her name was BB Red.

Still young, Banjo was matched into Wilson's Wolfy at 45 lbs. Wolfy couldn't scratch back. for number two, Banjo was matched into Anderson's Slick and it was over in :29 minutes. For his championship, The Oklahoma Boys brought their 2X winner named Grunt, it took Banjo :33 minutes to diperse of the 35 lb. black dog, who couldn't stand at that time and was believed to be dead. His fourth was into W. River's Ch. Vito, who was picked up at :43 and made adead game courtesy scratch. For his fifth and grand championship, Banjo went into Raul's 2X winner named Sonny Boy. It ended with Sonny Boy being picked up to save his life at :25. In an attempt to get Gr. Ch. Banjo matched once more, The Texas Iron Man and M.A.D. futilely petitioned R. Hall to use his Gr. Ch. Andy Capp in a battle of grand champions, unfortunately Mr. Hall declined these advances.

Banjo and his litter mate sister, BB Red, both made grand champions at the young age of three and a half years old, and became the first brother and sister, registered grand champions. Banjo went on to become a Register Of Merit before his death, while his sister died in the summer of 1996.




This is an all too familiar story of a newcomer trying to get int the dog game. It started with W.C. Geist, as with other novices, in the pages of Richard Stratton's books. While reading through the pages, he came across a picture of Ozzie Stevens' Ch. Homer and after seeing this picture he decided he wanted to build his yard around this dog. After numerous attempts to purchase anything from this line of dogs, he was denied because of the fact that he was new to the game and Ozzie didn't want to see any of his dogs wasted on rookie mistakes. Determined to pursue any venue necessary to get some of this blood, W.C. fingered through some old ADBA Pit Bull Gazette magazines and found a breeder who was offering some puppies for sale from the Greenwood/ Maloney lines in 1982. After contacting this breeder, K. Reid, he was notified that there was only one female left from the breeding. She was a year and a half, at the time, and was tested but showed to be nothing special, as the breeder said. Mr. Reid wasn't too sure about selling this little gyp because of her breeding. The dam, Sugar Babe, was a daughter of Greenwood's Holliday Hannah, who was a sister of Ch. Homer, out of Jessup's Ch. Mountain Boy. The sire was Maloney's Macho, who was sired by the 1X winner in 2:30 named Dozer. Dozer was sired by Patrick's Tombstone out of Maloney's Dolly. Dozer was bred to Maloney's Babe. who was the result of a brother sister breeding of Maloney's Timmy and Chocolate, both sired by Tudor's Spike out of Carver's Black Widow.

After some finagling, and a lot of begging, a deal was reached, which involved cash and a pup from the first breeding. Now with the gyp on W.C.'s yard another call was made to Ozzie Stevens' in regard to breeding her to a male he had advertised in The Sporting Dog Journal at stud by the name of Gr. Ch. Virgil. After being denied once again by Ozzie, this time because Virgil's sperm count was said to be very low and the vet had him on hormones to build his fertility. Patiently, W.C. waited, and some time later called again to find out Virgil had been sold to Solo, formerly of STP, in NY. Finally, the breeding was made at Solo's. Of the litter of eight, seven survived from a fight with parvo. Of those seven one went to the Rocket Man, named Becky, Solo got Annie and Tony H. got Li'l Abner, AKA Little Red. All were claimed to be good ones by their respective owners.

When it came time to breed his Easy gyp again, W.C. called Ozzie once again. This time he agreed to breed her to his Old Charley dog, who was also a son of Ch. Homer ROM out Geraldine ROM. The stud fee for this breeding was two pups.

Times for W.C. got hard and he became stressed for money and was offered an acceptable amount for Easy and a son named Virgilson (from the first breeding). Virgilson went on to win his first against a 6X winner and lost his second dead game in 2 hours. Unfortunately, Easy bit someone and was shot and killed.

This was the story of Geist's Easy. Easy produced Ch. Becky, Virgilson, Honey, and Bad Ear (who produced Ch. Virgie) from her first breeding to Gr. Ch. Virgil. Ch. Cholly Boy, Ramona ROM, Oakie, and 1X winner Miss Rage (who produced Ch. Black Pazmanian, Jr.) from the breeding to Old Charley.




Tombstone was bred by the great breeder Don Maloney. Maloney sold to R. Petronelli as a young dog, who then sold or traded him to Don Mayfield, where he was raised. His sire was Maloney's Toot, who was a son of Tudor's Spike out of Carver's Black Widow. Toot was a devastatingly hard biter who had produced dogs that passed that trait to their progeny. another son of Toot who was a great producer of hard mouth dogs was Maloney's Davis, who sired Ch. Our Gal Sunday, Ch. Cobra, and Ch. Black Sabbath. Tombstone's dam Speedy Alan Jena, was a scatter bred bitch containing dogs from P. Sparks, H. Heinzl, J. Corvino, and E. Tudor breedings.

Tombstone was matched one time and after that one victory he was retired to stud, after being available for a second match with no takers. This match was against Bobby Hall and a 2X winning son of Bullyson, named fittingly Bullyson, Jr. Ed Weaver was putting on a show and notified Bobby Hall that Don Mayfield had a 55 lb. male open, so Bobby Hall accepted the challenge. Ironically, Mr. Hall conditioned Bullyson, Jr. at Mayfield's house, at the same time, Don was conditioning Tombstone for this match. The match was one sided for the first hour with Tombstone on defense and Bullyson, Jr. on offense with stifle holds. At the hour mark it appears about even, at 1:09 both dogs are down and at 1:14 an out of hold is called with Tombstone making a hard scratch. Bobby Hall concedes the match at 1:25 making Tombstone a winner in a game, come from behind effort.

Shortly after that match Pat Patrick paid a visit to Mayfield's in hopes of purchasing some good dogs, he was offered Tombstone. Pat purchased Tombstone, but left him there until, he was matched again, which never happened. After the 14 months that he remained at Mayfield's in hopes of another match, Mr. Patrick requested Mayfield to send him his dog. Upon arrival to Pat's yard, Tombstone was then bred to about 15 bitches. Due to the fact that he was a long legged, rangy looking and scatter bred dog, he wasn't in high demand as a stud. Of his few breedings, one to a daughter of Indian Bolio named Red Baby, he produced champions Tonka, Crash, and Uptown's Snubby. He also produced Ch. Reno, Dozer, and Gr. Ch. Hope just to name a few of his progeny.

Tombstone died a few years later from heart worms, as back then the cure was sometimes worse than the malady.




Dylan was one of the primary stud dogs of St. Benedict Kennels, he was a 2X winner at 43 lbs. He was bred by Barney Fife, his dam was a bitch named Cherub. Cherub was a product of breeding Devine's Ch. Bruce, who was sired by Davis' Gr. Ch. Boomerage out of Devine's Patty (Gr. Ch. Art's sister). to Brewer's Rosie (Gr. Ch. Zebo's sister), in an attempt to combine the bloodlines of the three best combat dogs ever (Zebo, Art, and Boomerang).

The sire is debatable, the ADBA has the sire registered as Reddick's Ch. Peterbuilt, while Barney Fife claimed the sire to be Jackson's Little Ceaser (AKA Warp). He said there looks, styles and weights were identical as Warp's was the throat, but would go almost anywhere. He kept Warp for about a year and bred him to Sarah (AKA Cherub) three times, skipping one day in between each breeding. According to this breeding Dylan would be loose line bred, as Little Ceaser was sired by Sweatman's Ch. Ceaser bred to Bass' Gr. Ch. Molly Bee. Rosie and Molly Bee would be considered cousins as Molly Bee was by Hanley's Big Boy, Rosie's uncle. Ch. Ceaser was sired by Bristol's Ch. Thor who's dam was Pool Hall Red, Pool Hall Red was sired by Gr. Ch. Boomerang. Many claimed Ch. Ceasar to be the best 49 lb. in the world at that time. Ceaser died after winning a brutal match over James Hand's Steam Boat, 2X winner in 1:10. Steam Boat was sired by Davis' Chivo bred to his daughter Hand's Gr. Ch. Candy. They were two high powered bulldogs that destroyed each other and both expired shortly after the match.

Some years ago there was a discussion about Dylan's correct ancestry. Barney Fife informed Ben Van Houten and Peter Konning, who were partners in St. B Kennels of Europe, of the true ancestry of Dylan. Ben did not believe it, but was also angry about this. Peter appreciated the information, which made a lot of sense as Dylan blood nicked so well with both Midnight Cowboy and Booger blood. But, in a letter sent to St. B's of Europe it told the true breeding

Well that is the story of Saint Benedict's Dylan, maybe this will answer some of the questions around the breeding or add more questions to it. Either way, Dylan was an excellent producer, some of his progeny include Wardt's Ch. Thunder, Carrie (who produced champions when bred to Giroux' Ch. Booger ROM), and Saint Benedict's 2X winner Raleigh.




Grand champion Pedro was bred by J. Crenshaw, who owned Ch. Rascal at the time of the breeding to Dow's Sandy. Sandy was a product of Wood's Oso Negro (Ch. Rascal's brother) being bred to Ch. Honeybunch, she was a very good producer as she appears in th pedigrees of many good dogs: Holcomb's Zeus and Meade's Gr. Ch. Crazy Turfman, just to name a few.

Pedro was game tested for :45 at a young age and showed that he was a dead game dog, but didn't show the bite and flash that Crenshaw was looking for. Pedro then went to Emmet A. and was advertised, in the Journal, at stud by Bobby Cox under the name of Wee Willie. He won many matches under the names of Wee Willie and Lil Joe. A. Davis, Sr. (AKA The Snakeman) then purchased Pedro from Emmet for $600. Immediately after purchasing Pedro, Snakeman took him to the pit.

His first match was into The Alabama boys at 35lbs., it took :37 minutes to total this dog as Pedro showed a devastating dite in this match. Number two was into Texas'Cupid at 35 1/2 lbs., this turned out to be Pedro's longest and hardest match, as it lasted 2:47 with both dogs scratching until Cupid expires trying to make his last. With two impressive victories, Snakeman is now ready to take a shot at a championship with his dog he feels you will have to kill in order to beat. Pedro's third comes two months later, Tar Heel's Buck. Snakeman saw Buck go previously and knew Pedro could whip him even though it was a short time after his last match. Pedro finished Buck in :47, but many claimed it was over in :10. After winning his championship, Snakeman was approached by A. Nance, who claimed his Ben dog could whip Pedro. Subsequently, a match was set for the following month, with Pedro going into the 2X winner Ben at 35lbs. By the :10 mark it looked as if Ben was gong to do just that, but Pedro took a skin hold on the lip for :30. By the :50 mark, Pedro comes to the top and has Ben looking for a way out, at :52 Ben is singing and Nance picks him up. after collecting forfeits from Super Gnat and his Ch. Chino dog, Turlington's Dipstick, R. Sorrell's, and W. Spencer. Pedro was then retired until Nance comes back, to get his money back that he lost, withhis six year old, 8X winning dog named Sarge. Sarge was of Ed. Crenshaw breeding and was purchased specifically to defeat Pedro. In the match, Sarge was very effective with his mouth and paced himself very well. the first hour was a wrestling match, by the second it was a war, as Pedro got his second wind and buried himself into Sarge's chest. With this win Pedro became a registered 5X winner, thus making him GRAND CHAMPION PEDRO. In all, Gr. ch. Pedro won a total of 11 matches, 9 contracted.

His breeding career has out shimed hei match career as he has produced champions Rush, Mert, Pedro, Jr., Beak, and Gr. Ch. Madge, thus giving him 6 ROM points.

Later Gr. Ch. Pedro ROM was sold to M. Harris, and stayed there for a short while, and then was sold to T. Garner, who made numerous breedings with Pedro and then he sold him to a facier in Canada, where Pedro died.

Grand Champion Pedro ROM, truly a dead game dog that lived to tell about it.




Champion Rascal was born in 1972 on the yard of Maurice Carver and was later owned by James Crenshaw. Rascal won 5 contracted matches, 6 off the chain and suffered just 1 lost, and that was his first. His first match was at 52lbs. against C. Sykes' Sampson, and took the count a 1:52. At this same match Ch. Honeybunch won her second match in :28. In 1974 Rascal met Wood's Snooty, again at 52lbs. and this close match ended in 1:57. For his third match and second win, he defeated Irish Jerry's Soldier in 1:30. For his championship, he won over Baxter's Booger in 1:16 at 48lbs., which turned out to be his ideal weight. He then had wins over Hughes' & Hick's Big Boy in 1:45 and Langston's Satan in 1:19.

Champion Rascal wasn't noted for possessing a devastating mouth, as some would have had many believe, but he was a very game dog as all of his matches went over the hour mark. he fought any style, but preferred to work the head. Not many dogs could put Rascal behind. Even in his loss to Sampson, Sampson died within an half an hour after the match.

His ability to produce is evident in the likes of Gr. Ch. Pedro, Ch. Rascal, Jr., Demon, Sugar, Bandit, Polly, and Krypto just to name a few of his offspring.

Rascal died at the age of 11 in 1983, but will be remembered as one of the best.




The late Barney Fife and his brother, Matt, went traveling through North Carolina to visit Mrs. Loposay and then go to the Fork Farm, to see Mr. Grady Cummings. Upon arrival to Mrs. Loposay's, they were able to see the great producer Buster, who made an attempt to bite both of them.

From there they drove to Red Springs, to the home of G. Cummings, who had a yard of Eli bred dogs. Grady was a talkative and personable individual, who would recite the pedigrees of each dog on his yard as he passed them. Grady never officially matched a dog. He would purchase match dogs and breed them to his stock. His claim for not matching his dogs was that if they came from a line of match dogs, then they should be able to produce match dogs themselves. But, to his credit, he did put some of his dogs in capable hands to be matched. While Barney Fife and Matt was there, they had the fortune of seeing a short roll involving a red male named Eli, III.

Some notable dogs from Cummings yard were Ch. Tom (who produced the great Saloon dog, who in turn produced the double Gr. Ch. Tornado), Annie Oakley (out of Mosely's Smeller), Dear Abbey (out of Eli, Jr. and Clemmon's Sandy), Red Fox, Dutch Boy and Young Dutch Boy to name a few.

The three then traveled to Jim Williams' home to see the two new acquisitions just purchased from Maurice Carver. They were two yearlings, one red and the other black. The black was named Paladin.

Paladin was rolled, during his schooling, in a field of tall grass and was separated from his opponent. He was then walked 50 yards away to see if he would scratch. When released he mowed the grass down, streaking towards his opponent, proving his desire to continue.

Paladin was sired by Hyde's Satchmo Bully out of Rorex' Black Lady. This is blood closely related to Gr. Ch. Art and Crenshaw's Ch. Hurt, who were both out of Java, a daughter of Black Lady. Black Lady went back to the blood of Ed. Crenshaw's Reno, which accounted for his black color and finishing instinct.

Paladin who his first match in close to two hours. The length of time was mainly due to Paladin staying in hold on a down dog, making a handle impossible. Paladin's second match was into Big Boy, who gave a good account for himself in a losing effort against Ch. Rascal. Big Boy was an uncle to Gr. Ch. Zebo, from a line of dogs noted for their ability. The dogs were released on a freezing morning with Paladin doing the driving, while Big Boy rode the head in defense. However, Paladin was applying too much pressure and was soon overwhelming Big Boy. Handles became difficult, since Paladin very rarely came out of hold. By :48 a handle was made and Big Boy declined to scratch. Paladin went on to win his championship with a win over his nephew, also from the yard of Carver. After a tough 30 minutes, Paladin was in control and Maurice told the handler to pick up the other dog and concede the match.

Paladin's ability to produce can be found in dogs like Quincy, Ch. Wild Thing, Hanna, Monster Man, Ch. Tyrone, Ch. Trackdown, Ch. Stephano, Gr. Ch. Cheif, and many other winners.




Chinaman was born on the yard of R. Abernathy on November 29, 1977. He was one of three pups born to Abernathy's Molly and sired by Wood's Trouble. Molly always seemed to have 3 pups. This time there was Chinaman, Boy and a female who would be named Onyx Lady (who went to the owner of Trouble, Dr. Wood). Boy would end up in the hands of G. Wright, where he would win three matches. Chinaman was raised by R. Abernathy and when he came of age he was placed with Dr. Wood to find out what he was made of.

In 1981, V & B bought a dog from Kimsey Woods called Double Trouble, they had bought this dog to run in the fast lane with on the west coast and after rolling him out they found out they were pleased with his gameness, but disappointed with his ability and bite. They contacted Kimsey and he told them he had a good rough dog that had just rolled with Wood's Sundance and had crippled Sundance, it was Chinaman. So V & B decided to trade Double Trouble for Chinaman. Double Trouble went on to win two and lost one game in 2 hours and twenty minutes. He arrived full of hookworms and roundworms and weighed only 42 lbs., 4 lbs. below his eventual best match weight of 46 lbs. Rob kept him on a long cable run and tried to help him overcome his emaciated state. Chinaman thanked him by biting him, so Rob shipped him to Vince. It was love at first sight. Vince wormed Chinaman and scheduled a roll for him. After a 3-hour drive Chinaman was nauseated and dehydrated. He was pitted 10 lbs. uphill against a powerful red dog named Ch. Ceasar who proceeded to mop the floor with him. When the big dog tired, Chinaman went to the stifles and punched very hard. Even though he was still nauseated and underweight he came up from the bottom to bite down and stop Ceasar at: 28. Chinaman's next roll was into Doc, a highly respected wrecker. If he could hang with Doc for even 10 minutes, Chinaman would be worth a bet. Doc came out hard and slammed Chinaman into the corner and tried to trade with Chinaman. Big mistake! Chinaman hit the gut and killed the Doctor in his own living room in 17 minutes! It was clear Chinaman was something special.

For his first two matches, Chinaman was hooked into respected head dogs that some expected to weather the storm and challenge the killing stifle and gut dog. Like their predecessors, neither lasted to the half-hour mark with Chinaman. For his third, a match was made with the highly renowned Gray's Hubcap who had dispatched the famous Red Danger dog in a classic 2-hour encounter. Vince and Rob traveled 7 hours with their dog and when they arrived, odds of 5-1 were being offered against Chinaman. The betting line changed dramatically after the dogs were released. Chinaman drove Hubcap into the corner on his back and this is where the match ended 18 minutes later. Hubcap was a memory and Chinaman was proclaimed a champion and best in show.

Suddenly no one had a 45-46 lb. male. Respectable dog men avoided him like the plague. Finally, when he was 7 years old, some determined fellows bought an expert head dog from R. Jackson, just to take out the aging Ch Chinaman. The dog from Jackson showed a lot of ability, but it wasn't enough to keep out an athlete of Chinaman's caliber. Chinaman worked past his defenses and curred him out in 38 minutes. This had been Chinaman's longest match, but the outcome was the same as always: he destroyed everything in his path.

For all who witnessed his matches, Chinaman became known as one of the roughest ever and a true finisher. According to scientific tests, he had the air of a greyhound. According to all who saw him, he had the mouth of an alligator. He was very clever. He would outsmart slick ear and nose dogs and cur them out. He would finish straight-ahead dogs even faster. Swapping-out was his game. Like all the truly great ones, Chinaman's build was like a sleek, muscular thoroughbred.

The Chinaman name appears in many of today's pedigrees. His contribution as a producer equals, or exceeds his dominance as a performer. Among his better known offspring were Ch. Eightball, Ch. Cotton, Ch. Chinabuck, Ch. Chinagirl, Ch. Stormy, Ch. Missy, Ch. Chinarose, Ch. Ninja and Ch. Crock. He had three sons (Brodt's Boar, Cottingham's Cotton, and Shockley's Header) go over the 3-hour mark on the same weekend! Perhaps his greatest contribution is as a producer of producers, as his son Frisco ROM has produced champions and grand champions.




Champion Gina Girl was sired by STP's Gr. Ch. Buck ROM out of Vinagro's Gina Blue Eyes. Gina Blue Eyes was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank out of Giroux' Peaches (AKA Gina), that won over Corvette George's Annie in three hours and thirty minutes. Gina was by Giroux' Gunner ROM and Greenwood's Lady Lehi. Lady Lehi had a litter mater sister called Jennifer that won over Noquiera's Patches in three hours and twenty minutes. Lehi and Gina were sired by Maloney's Davis; a dog that won a two hour bout himself. Ch. Gunner ROM produced several long distant game dogs, one of which was called Trip and his brother Friday, that won in two hours and thirty minutes. So, Vinagro's Gina Blue Eyes had the heritage of some game long distant dogs on the bottom and she was sired by Gr. Ch. Hank, a dog that sired many dead game, long distant dogs. Ch. Little Boots ROM by Hank out of Sassy (Davis X Mormon Girl) was a great three hour winner. Joker, Champ and Max were some other long distance dogs that would scratch with the best of them. When bred to Gr. Ch. Snake, Jr., Gina Blue Eyes' neice, Perry's Shaker, produced Ch. Venom, a dog that won in two hours and forty seven minutes; a record for a Snake bred dog.

Gina Blue Eyes herself was a shy bitch, who actually lost one match in :18 to D. Holcomb, but due to the insight of Captain America, she proved to be an excellent producer of 2 and closer to 3 hour dogs. She did prove to be a extremely game bitch in her old age and went out game as they are. Gina Blue Eyes produced the following two hour dogs: Jumbo Jim, who lost in 1:51 to Gr. Ch. Buck, Ch. Gunner, who won 4 and lost 1 in 2:47, another male who lost in 2:01 to Ch. Chaka. She also produced these dogs that were game: Jeff's Lightning, Buck, Jr., who won 2 and lost dead game to Jessie Rod's Whitefoot, Bucky, by Gr. Ch. Buck, lost game, very game, Chopper, Miss Buck, and Jumbo Janice. All of them were game which brings us to Ch. Gina Girl.

Ch. Gina Girl was a long winded bitch, that paced herself and like many Buck and Hank dogs never seemed to get rattled when the pressure was on. A good mouth that could put the finishing touch on one quickly and completely and most of all, a game bitch from a proven game ancestry. She comes from a litter of game dogs and her sister produced Ch. King Pin and other game, long distant dogs.

When Ch Gina Girl was bred to Ch Black Pazmanian (in 1993 on STP's yard) and produced 3 exeptional dogs. 2 of them were sent to Russia, 1 male - Ch Luther won 3 in top competition, his second over 2 hours like a down dog and was voted Best Dog Of Year 1997 in Russia. Luther is known for his ability, inteligence, hard mount and deep gameness. His littermate sister, Ch Bad Rosemary lost deep game in her grand championship against a male in 1:24 and died 3 days later. From what I hear she was one of hardest biting bitches of all times. Another littermate sister, Clean Mary, 1XW, is one of STP's best producing females and many statewide say she too is one of the hardest biting females.




In April of '92, PR Joe had a gyp named Gunny, off of Ch. Coco (who won his first in :59 mins at 46lbs, his second in :19 mins at 45lbs, and his third in :40 mins at 46lbs.) and a bitch named Sarah, who was a very promising prospect. He was looking to get a male to breed to her in the future and heard about a litter of pups out of Ch. Coco and a double daughter of Cates' Nigerino, named Bathsheeba. Since PR Joe was pleased with Gunny and kept hearing good things about the Nigerino dogs, he decided he had to have a pup from this breeding.

He and his son drove out to the breeder's house and spent several hours observing the pups before he finally decided which pup to bring home. Opie caught his eye, because he was very sure of himself and just sat and watched the rest of the pups like a male lion watching over his pride. They then drove home and let Opie out in the yard to play. He had such a good feeling about him, that he called Mike, the owner of Ch. Coco Stanley, and told him he felt Opie was something special and knew Opie would be a steamroller.

The first time Opie was looked at was when he was 11 months old. In 2 minutes, Opie broke the other dog's foot, at the ankle, and the roll was stopped after 5 minutes. Opie screamed and carried on in the corner like no other dog owned by PR Joe. PR Joe left very happy, Opie was started and he liked what he saw.

When Opie was 16 months old, PR Joe was looking for another roll for him and found out Props Up Kennel was looking to test a match dog they were considering purchasing. He agreed to leave Opie down for 15 minutes and they arranged to have a second dog ready to finish the test. Howeer, a second dog wasn't necessary, because Opie took the dog apart and stopped him in 15 minutes.

Four months later PR Joe decided it was time to find out if Opie was match quality, so he arranged to put him down with a dog that ws 19lbs. bigger than him. This dog went right to Opies's head, near his left ear, and stayed there for 15 minutes, throwing Opie all over the place. The dog then took Opie right off his feet and slammed him on his back. At this piont Opie reached up and bit the big dog hard in the throat. Shortly after, we handled the dogs and the other owner told me he thought his dog's heart was no longer into the roll. He felt the bite to the throat had taken the fight out of him and he was right, the dog quit 2 minutes later.

The time had come to match Opie, so his partner Machiavelli hooked him into the Jersey Combine and their dog Charlie. Charlie was off of St. Benedict's Raleigh and was reputed to be a very game dog. Machiavelli conditioned Opie and Mr. Bill did the handling. The match started and immediately Opie was back-peddling. He'd never done this before and he just didn't seem to be himself. At about 15 minute mark, Charlie had a hold on the side of Opie's head and was pushing him in a circle. Steve B. called a turn on Opie and Clamdigger, who was the referee, agreed. Opie wasn't really turning, but regardless, the scratching was started and so was the beginning of the end for Charlie. A handle was made and in the corner Opie jinally came to life. He scratched hard into Charlie, who reared up leaving his chest wide open and Opie took full advantage punishing Charlie severely. When he came out of there, Charlie looked as though he'd been blasted with a shotgun. It was pretty much all Opie after that, although at one point, Charlie did get into Opie's stifle. Opie took him out by the muzzle and popped two cutters out of Charlie's mouth in the process. Charlie was picked up game in :28 minutes.

Next, with some help from POW, Opie was hooked into the Duke Boys and their dog Flatliner. Machiavelli conditioned Opie and PR Joe handled him. This was the first time PR JOe handled in a match, so he was pretty much hyped-up. The dogs were released and Flatliner began working Opie's front legs near the ankles. Opie didn't appear to know what to do and the bets were flying from the Duke Boys' side. Finally, Opie took him out by the face and the dogs stayed there for awhile. Opie then began to punish Flatliner's chest and shoulders and the other side quieted considerably. The first handle was made at :20 and Flatliner came across fast. But now Opie was really cranked up and soon Flatliner was fading. At :43, after two hard scratches by Opie and a game stumbling scratch by Flatliner a handle was made. It was Flatliner's turn to scratch and he took two steps out of his corner and fell forward onto his head. Flatliner never took his eyes off Opie and he continued to try to get up, but he couldn't and he was counted out in :44. Opie was then tail scratched for his courtesy and he was obviously eager for more.

Opie's third was into Rocketman and his dog Magic, who was out of Captain America's Gr. Ch. King Arthur and Rocketman's Go Go Girl. Magic had won one in over an hour and PR Joe and Machiavelli felt he would be a real challenge for Opie. Opie was sent to Machiavelli's friend 1C to be conditioned and waited there 'til showtime. 10 weeks later, Joe headed north to meet Machiavelli and 1C. When the dogs were released, they met mouth to mouth and Joe was delighted because he knew what Opie could do to another dog's mouth. They switched to swapping shoulder and shest holds, but it was obvious Opie was stronger and a harder biter. At :19 both dogs took a breather and a after a ten second out of hold count a handle was made. Magic made a good scratch, but Opie was really cranking now and Magic was taking a beating. Joe was standing over the dogs and heard Magic let out a whimper, so he started sending Opie in and he responded. Magic began singing, so everybody could hear and at :27 he took the count. Opie made a hard courtesy scratch. After the match Rocketman gave Opie a very good compliment saying "Opie beat a dog I thought was really good and made him look stupid in the process."

In closing, Ch. Opie did whatever was asked of him and looked damn impressive doing it. His litter mate brother was Yankee Greg's Deadend, who won one and lost his second time out in 3:01 to Captain America's OO Buck.




Many experienced dogmen but few newcommers know about the great match bitch "Molly Bee". This article is intended to inform those fanciers who are not familiar and those who are in question of this great bitch. Molly Bee was a well know bitch in the Southeastern United States. Anyone who had a 44, 45, or 46 lb. bitch and was willing to wage a bet on her was at least aware that they may have to look accross at Molly Bee. This bitch could end a match with one hold and most of her matches went only a few mins. In fact the cumulative time of her 8 matches doesn't total two hours!

Molly Bee was bred by James Edwards and sold as a yearling to H. Hargroves. She won 3X with Hargroves when he sold her to Larry Bass. R.E. Meansville conditioned and handled her for Bass and won five more with her. She retired after her 8th win but was stolen from Bass' yard and was never recovered.

Molly Bee was an Ei X Big Boy cross. The Big Boy seem to dominate her genetic make up and was also a make up in her off-spring. Big Boy was a three time winner and a brother of Lonzo's "Angie", who produced Gr. Ch. Zebo and this connection to Zebo explains where the Big Boy dogs get their power and mouth from. It may also provide a clue on how to breed both these strains. Molly Bee's sire was Felton Stephenson's Big Ben, an Eli X Colby cross. Her dam was Edward's Nellie, who was a cold bitch from from the Big Boy breeding. Molly Bee had a litter mate brother named Hoss, a hard mouth dog with no interest in what he was bred for. Molly Bee had three litters prior to her theft; Edwards' bred her to Wood's Snooty ROM and produced Groves' 4x winner Red Danger, Brewer's CH Red Lady, Edward's Junk and Grover's Co-Co, all were matched and shown well with the exception of Co-Co. Co-Co was a game bitch, who when bred to Lewis' Satan (Eli bred) produced Groves' 3X winner Boss Hog and Norman's Leroy.

Mr. Hagroves bred her to Finley's CH. Bo ROM who he owned at the time, I have no reconition of the pups off that breeding. There are very few descendants off Molly Bee alive. Brewer's Red Lady owned by Tom Garner in 87, a bitch from the Bo breeding and Jackson's Warp were the only living dogs off Molly Bee in "87".




Cholly Boy was a product of the Geist's Easy / O. Stevens' Old Charlie breeding. Cholly Boy was a well put together dog that seemed to favor Ozzie's old Homer stock.

Campained by Ozzie Stevens into some of the very best from the North. None of his matches were walk-overs as all of them went over the hour and a half mark. In his first match, he went into Captain America and his dog Herman. This match lasted 1:33, and Herman proved to be a dead game dog. For Cholly Boy's second, he went into Buffalo Soldier's Mister, who was from Rebel Kennels' breeding. Mister won a few before this match and was highly regarded. Cholly Boy won this match in 1:32. Ozzie was a little worried before the match as Cholly Boy had gotten a serious kidney infection towards the end of the keep, but went through with the show and even at 60% healthy, Cholly Boy came out with the victory.

The third match was into STP's Revenge. It was set in a private location, outside on a cool autumn night. Both dogs weighed in at 46 and at "release your dogs" they met in the middle with Cholly Boy coming up with an ear hold and Revenge getting in and driving for the front end. This was the pace for a while with Revenge only getting the chest every now and then and would throw Cholly Boy and get in the throat. But, whatever Revenge would do to Cholly, Cholly would come up and do it back, but harder and longer. Then he would land back on the head with Revenge driving and Cholly steering. Both dogs were real pit smart, Revenge was trying at every chance to run Cholly into the walls to get a hold of something, but just before he would get there Cholly would steer him around to the middle of the pit. The pace of the match was real fast for two 46 pound dogs, both were moving fast and were on their feet for the first 1:20. When it seemed they took their first moment of breath, one dog was always in hold and it usually was Cholly Boy with Revenge constantly trying to get in and go to work. At the point of the fight, it seemed that Cholly knew it was time to go in and finish Revenge, so he started working the throat more and more and Revenge was becoming less effective in keeping him out. It was at this point that Cholly started to bite harder and popped a bleeder in the shoulder of Revenge at 1:27. Revenge turns at 1:30, a handle was made and Revenge goes over straight and true. Now Cholly Boy is in trying to finish Revenge in the throat and it was obvious that Revenge had no chance and Cholly Boy wasn't going anywhere. At 1:39 STP asks if Ozzie will scratch to win, it is agreed and Cholly Boy goes open right back into the throat of Revenge. Then Revenge gives on hell of a game courtesy and was picked up by STP to go another day.

This was Cholly Boy's third, but I'd say his most famous match was into Jesse Rod's Whitefoot, down from J. Rod's Gr. Ch. Midnight blood. This was one of those classic matches that sort of mirrored the Ch. Homer vs Jeep match as it went three hours, with Cholly Boy the victor. Unfortunately, Cholly Boy passed shortly after the match.

Ch. Cholly Boy would not expend any more energy then he had to, to wear his opponent down and when he felt it was time to finish one, he did.

When Ozzie was asked who he ranked as the best dog he has owned, he replied Ch. Cholly Boy. This coming from a man who has owned the likes of Gr. Ch. Snake, Jr., Gr. Ch. Virgil, Ch. Homer, Ch. Tammy, Ch. Zero, Ch. Suzy, Ch. Rastus and many others.




Here is a little bit about a fine bulldog named "Destroyer". His registered name was "Yellow Buck" and was bred and raised by Jesse of Stone City Kennels. Yellow Buck was sired by Gr. Ch. Buck ROM out of Stone City Kennels' Awesome Baby ROM. Yellow Buck was dark brindle, with a red nose and he weighed about 53lbs. conditioned.

His first match was at the age of two and a half against Tension Turf Kennels from ST. Croix. and their dog David Koresh (a half brother to the famous Gr. Ch. IBM) battled with Yellow Buck for 1:05 and was picked up game. For his second match he went into Dennis and Hector's Brick at 52lbs. Yellow Buck finished Brick right in the pit with only one hold, deep in the stifle. That match only lasted seven minutes, Dennis and Hector picked Brick up, but it was too late.

From there on he never looked back. For his championship Jessie had to look off Puerto Rico for another opponent, because noone wanted any parts of Destroyer. Death Row Kennels answered the call with their 2X winner Predator, so Stone City and Co. traveled to South Jersey for this match. This proved to be Yellow Buck's toughest match and he wasn't supposed to come home alive. The dogs swapped it out for about :45 until Death Row decided to pick up Predator, thus making Yellow Buck a champion.

After about a year off with no takers, some dogmen from Florida stepped up with Bulldog P.'s Tere, a 1X winner out of Havana Boys' Sandal and Rebel Kennels' Gr. Ch. Shady Lady. They Flew down to Puerto Rico, but Yellow But was on the warpath and he made Tere stand the line at :27.

For his fifth, they hooked up with Work Kennels and their dog Buster, also a 4X winner. Work Kennels also flew down to Puerto Rico and after 1:30, they picked up Buster making Yellow Buck an official Grand Champion.

He was the second Gr. Ch. to come from the yard of Stone City Kennels out of Awesome Baby.




Champion Sheba was purchased at three years old, untouched. She is a product of a brother sister breeding between Hall's Little Carlos and Hall's Ms. Sugar Booger, both out of Hall's Ch. Carlos and Hall's Miss Spring. Ch. Carlos was a Bullyson bred dog, while Ms. Spring was sired by Maloney's Ch. Bert out of Hall's Miss Boobs.

Her first time out she went inot Bio-Hazard Kennels' Baby from Florida, giving up a little better than three pounds. the weigh difference showed for the first twenty, minutes and she sustained bone breaking damage to her chest area. But, she got through at :25 and at the :30 mark, she was in the back-end and it was over. Baby was picked up by Bio-Hazard.

After a short rest and extensive work...draining and taking bone fragments out of her chest area for a couple of months. Finally, when it was felt her chest had healed, Sheba wa contracted into Crillo Kennels of New Jersey. This keep turned into a nightmare as anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Sheba's chest flared up again and constantly had to be drained during the keep. Two weeks out, she was treated for flea infestation and poor judgement of a insecticide mix lead to her being poisoned and had to lay her up for two days. Rick should have jpaid the forfeit, but he believed Sheba's capabilities could over-ride these misfortunes. Crillo Kennels' Stormy was given a pound for travel, and they were another half pound over at the scale, again Sheba, giving up and a half pounds. This one went even for :40 until Sheba got in and her mouth again makes another one scream at :50. This one takes the count around :51.

Her third match was into another two time winner, named Winnie Pooh out of Smig's Ch. Boogieman. This dog had been to the 2:oo hour mark and was said to be a dog you would have to kill to stop. First the first time now, Sheba was on something her own size and weight. In :15 Winnie was in ball screaming her brains out. It was such a one-sided fight it wasn't an enjoyable sight. The shrills were unbearable and at :28, Winnie refuses her first scratch.

Sheba is said to be the best bitch Rick had ever owned in his 23 years into the dogs. The mouth and strength of Bullyson / Maloney crosses, when bred correctly, produce the stuff dogmen's dreams are made of.

Incidentally, Sheba collected 2 forfiets during her career.




Champion Bucky McCoy was owned by R.L. Neblett and was a four time winner. Those who didn't know him assumed that he was one of those fierce dogs that you had to watch your P's and Q's around, but he wasn't that kind of dog at all unless he found it necessary.

The four contests which won him his championships are:
He won over Young's King in :36, Tudor's "Buck" Buckshot in :22, Cranker's Black Diamond was killed in 1:57, and won over Williams' Trouble in :17.

Bucky McCoy was out of Rouse's Kelly and Landmesser's Bess and was whelped Aug. 11, 1935. It is interesting to note that Komosinski's Jeff and Billy Sunday are in his pedigree.




Gr. Ch. Buddy is a big, red dog bred by March Or Die Kennels. Buddy's intelligence, ability and will to continue earned him the title of Grand Champion and Dog of the Year in 1998. He won over stiff competition and judged by sanctioned judges. He has displayed what being a true bulldog is about. Buddy didn't impress many with his scratches, as he crossed the line at a slow pace from start to finish.

Buddy is sire by Ferguson's Joel, Geist breeding, and March Or Die's Cleo, heavy Gr. Ch. Virgil/ Ch. Homer. These dogs are what is behind most Ozzie Stevens' yard today.

His campaign record is as follows:

Jazz Kennels' Jazz...............................M54...................:31
Dre & Zaza's Cripple............................M55...................:37
Falcon Kennels' Big Slim.....................M55...................:45
Beat Down Kennels' Crazy Horse......M56.................1:19
Gator Boyz' Kojac..................................M54 1/2............1:20

He's produced O.G. Posse's Ch. Little Bud, Cold City's Ch. Coco, SLK's Cece (2XW), Public Enemy No. 1's Bam Bam (1XW), The Firm's Rellick (1XW), and many more 1 and 2X winners.