Ch. Homer ROM, is a well known dog from a well known dog man, Mountain Man (Lester Hughes ). Ch. Homer ROM won a total of 9, although some say 10. Not all were recorded. He never had to show much gameness as he bit through all of his opponents. When asked who was the hardest biting dogs he's ever seen, Mtn. Man replied Zebo was the hardest and Homer bit just as hard. It is evident by Homer's face that he took a lot of head chewing to get him off, which is a sign of a hard biter.

Homer was by J. Crenshaw's CH. Rascal, Jr., a.k.a. Little Rascal or Tojo and out of Mr. Marks' Midnight, a.k.a. Hughes or Mountain Man's Midnight. Ch. Rascal, Jr. was by J. Crenshaw's Ch Rascal 5x, same breeding as Carver's Stompanato, and out of Irish Jerry's Ch Honeybunch ROM, all bred by Maurice Carver. Midnight was by John Shivar's Buster, later known as Loposay's Buster ROM, also bred by Maurice Carver, same breeding as Holt's Jeremiah and Carver's Belle, and out of Loposay's Queen, a Boudreaux / Lightner cross by Grady Cummings' Eli III and John Shivar's Beanie, a.k.a. Loposay's Beanie.

He produced some great dogs in his time. For example, Homer's Ch Junior Hughes 4x, Miller's Ch Homer Jr, Mountain Man's Ch Homer Jr, P & M's Ch Homer, Rebel's Gr Ch Hazel, Plummer Ron's Ch Yo Yo, Mountain Man's Ch Lil Bill, along with other winners.

Mtn. Man has bred or owned many famous dogs including Hughes' Gator, Mtn. Man's Deadwood, Elwood, Festus, Ch. Homer, Jr., Lugar, Midnight, Gr. Ch. Shady Lady, Spider Bitem, Gr. Ch. Spooky, Gr. Ch. Zebo ROM, etc.




Bred by Rushin Kennels, Mongoose or "Goose" as he is commonly called won his first three for the Havana Boys. Havana Chico ran into some problems and had to sell him, which is when we acquired him and finished him off for his Grand Championship.

It is hard to describe Goose’s "Pit Manor". You would put him in the box and he seemed to know that he was going to win. While the other dog looked angry and anxious, Goose always seemed calm and determined. Once the ref. announced "Release", he would trot at a medium pace and meet the dog in the center. It was once they met Goose showed his true splendor. Goose was the kind of a dog that fought from his heart straight to his mouth, not the other way around like a lot of hardmouthed dogs do. He would walk into ten hits just to get his one, and when he did the other dog would look up at you, his eyes seeming to say, "Why couldn’t I have been born a Poodle?" He never shook real hard or bit sporadically. He would just grab a leg and sink his teeth into it until it broke, then he’d move to another leg. After that, if the other dog was willing or able to scratch, he would hit the chest. This would accomplish putting the dog out of his misery most times, except for the case when the other dog had enough juice left in him to jump the wall.

Goose was not only tremendous in the box, but he was good around people too. He always seemed to be relaxed, not barking much either. He’d sit and let birds bathe in his water bowl, and roll on his back to let puppies nip at his chest and his feet. And as soon as you showed him the mill, he would jump right on and practically condition himself, hardly stopping to take a deep breath. You couldn’t ask for a better dog, he was an "Ace", and anyone who has seen him go will agree, I’m sure. Of the dogs he has already put on the ground there are several winners. Hemlock’s Badger 1xw in 1 hr. 14 min., Havana Chico’s Goose Jr. 1xw in 3hrs!!!, and Mr. Bill’s Ms. Goose 2xw.

Yours in sport,
Santana & The Heartbreak Kid

Jersey Boy’s Maniac................... 23 minutes..32
Cuban Cowboy’s Bullet.............. 14 minutes..34
Brown Shoes’ Champ................. 25 minutes..33.5
Upstate Kennels’ Nate........ 1 hr. 14 minutes..35
Frank P’s Benny........................... 28 minutes..35.5




Ch. Turtle ROM was a big buckskin 4X winner at 54 lbs. with a black mask that was bred down south by D. Vaughn out of Dow's Blackie ( Ch. Otis ROM/ Dow's Red Jerry).

He was the type that had to absorb plenty before finally coming to the top to win all 4 of his matches against strong competition, twice taking the gamest in show trophey. He won his Championship in 2:21. Turtle was one those crazy game, yet could be people aggressive if not handled correctly, which is an unusual and undesireable trait for an American Bull Terrier.

He went on to become a ROM producer himself by siring Ch Turtle, Jr., Ch. Tommy, Gr. Ch. Roscoe and Ch. Butch.

**This was taken out of "Fighting for Life" by F Rocco




Hollingsworth's Ch. Pinky was born July 7th. 1989 the result of a second generation breeding by Mike & Dot Kelly. They had a deep game bitch named Ruby out of Jone's Ch. Smoker and Frank Rocca's Red Gal that they bred to Patrick's Little Tater and they bred a bitch out of that breeding to Laminack's Trouble, a son of Ch. Tonka, that produced Ch. Tara and Ch. Flint to produce Pinky's litter. Pinky was sold or given to the late E. Hollingsworth as a pup. Ed Farron in turn purchased the pup (Pinky) from Mr. Hollingsworth along with several other dogs.

Pinky's first roll came at about 18 months of age, a real rough hard biting bitch by the name of Sugar Mae and Pinky was the down dog from start to finish. At :25 Pinky never made any bad moves and made a stumbling scratch.

A couple months later a young Jeep/Nigerino bitch was put on her, and Pinky was used to start this bitch. When the bitch got onto Pinky's nose, Pinky made a lot of bad signs, she even went as far as turning away from the young bitch. At this point most felt that Pinky was a cur. R. Davis really wanted Pinky and asked Ed repeatedly for her. Ed agreed to let Davis have the dog with the stipulation that if she did indeed turn out to be a game dog that they would get pups back from her in future litters.

About 3 months later Pinky had been sold again and at this point it was still thought Pinky was a cur. Looking back, Ed felt that Pinky had never turned on at 18 months, and Pinky was not ruined permanently in her second roll and got another chance that most dogs never get. After all Pinky's littermate Manson had lost his first match in over an hour and won his second dead game.

Far too many dogmen feel that at 18 months a dog should be ready to be tested and rolled hard, while it is not feasible to hold a dog beyond 18 months for most large dog yards. There have been many a great dog that did not turn on till later in life, and have gone on to become champions and grand champions.

Pinky was sold again to Hilltop Mike and it was Mike who set Pinky down for her game test on a very hard biting bitch and tried to stop her. With all he had heard about her in her second roll he was very concerned she was a cur, she went :45 min. with this bitch and never made a bad sign. Mike then decided to match her @ 42 lbs. Pinky came in at 41 and won in :38 after an all out war, with both dogs dishing out lots of punishment. Pinky had won best in show over 4 matches that same day; some of the dogs of mention were the Untouchables Ch. Butkus, McDaniel's Feisty & Gaston's Pea.

One report in the American Warrior wrote:
Hilltop Mikes Pinky vs. Newjacks Leather...females @ 42
Pinky plows a field through Leather and Leather takes the count @ :38.

Another match reported was:
Untouchables Vixon vs. Hilltop Mikes Pinky...females @41
Pinky a 1x winner Pinky does the barnstorming and Vixon takes the count @ :06

I believe Vixon was lost after that show. And Pinky was on her way to becoming a Champion. Pinky goes on to win another in :17 with a pit kill, she was sold again this time to T.R., he kept her for a while and she was sold again to Killer Bee.

At 5 years of age Killer Bee matched Pinky again and she wins in :31 with yet another pit kill. At 6 years of age she is matched again this one went 2:36 with no turn or out of holds and Pinky is picked up game and makes a stumbling scratch, this was by far Pinky's greatest test and with all odds against her she finishes with a game loss.

We had heard that Killer Bee was in the market for some younger dogs and asked if we were interested in Pinky, needless to say we wanted her at any rate we worked out a deal for a 1x winning son of Stratton's Mozart (Bill) out of CBK's Olive Oyle, Popeye. Popeye has gone on to make his Gr Ch and to date has won 7 shows and made over $30,000.00 in his carrier.

Pinky was in rough shape when we got her and we did all we could to get her back to health and bred her to Popeye's littermate Beekman (dead game); from that litter came Whitehead, a good brood bitch we have here and Jake, a winner himself. The second breeding we made was to Stark's Jasper (CBK'S), a double-bred son of Patrick's Macho Jr. dog. While these pups are still young they are showing a lot of promise: one that comes to mind is CBK's Jinx and two others that have been rolled and have shown excellent results. We expect to see dogs matched off that breeding this year.

After Pinky's breeding with Jasper her health began to decline rapidly. While she had a lot of problems with old injures, her greatest hurdle was yet to come: heart failure. At this point knowing Pinky could never be bred again we decided she would be just an old dog we would keep around through her later years, and a great conversation piece. Pinky was one of a kind, as I knew her, she was one of those once in a life time dogs that every dog man dreams of owning. Her temperament was un-surpassable and of the kind we would like to see in all pit dogs, her heart was as big as they come, her mouth was as hard as they get and her ability to get the job done was beyond what most of the so called fast lane dogs of today are. At the age of nine her health had declined to the point she was no longer enjoying life the way she always had and I felt it was in her best interest for me to make her final scratch, one of the hardest I have ever made. As she slumped in my arms the tears ran down my face, although I had never campaigned her or saw her many victories, her life had flashed before my eyes. In the spring of '98 she was laid to rest in Chapel Hill, NC. Her sons and daughters live on at Cedarbrook Kennels to follow their dam's footsteps.

Ch. Pinky was centerfold for the American Dog Breeders Ass. Summer of 98 vol. 22 issue 4. A poem was written beside her picture that reads:

"As we pay tribute to mothers day, its only fitting we do. Select a bitch that lights the way, she's Hollingsworth's Ch. Pinky, tried and true. The path she travelled far, "she's much too young" an old man said, surprise them all, become a star. The bloom of youth did never fade. A look, a sigh, she twirled around, a flirt a bark, "please see me". She even climbed a peach tree. A residential change took place, perhaps they'll be much kinder. And put a smile back on my face, like my video rewinder. Soon the lustre of the show, remained, just a memory. The bloom was gone indeed, although, she felt was temporary. When born the date was eighty-nine, she's damn near pink, that red nosed bitch. She's full of spunk, and body fine, She'll be a Champ, without a hitch. She settled down, but still was young; her thoughts were on the future. On show time day she'd come unstrung, as empty crates passed by her. What's up! ol' gal, you've had your fame, a mother soon you'll be. Reminds me of your mother game, you're like your grandma Ruby.
She wasn't wrong, for dog men say; It's seeing is believing time. There'll always be that one more day, And Pinky she did shine, She's gone on now, a life well lived, Her sons did make her proud. She had it all that life could give, She always played the crowd."

R.I.P. Ch. Pinky I will never forget you.




Another famous Eli bred dog was the 5xw Nigerino. Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. blood to be found today and is a highly respected bloodline in its own right. The thing that make the Eli dogs so popular is that they are powerfully built dogs with devastating mouths who consistantly throw these traits into their offspring. One of best crosses to be made with the Eli line, was with the 'ROM' Snooty dog. Snooty was an extremely intelligent dog who added the highly desirable traits of pit intelligence and style.

Eli dogs tended to be barnstorming dogs and this would lead to short-windedness. The Snooty cross corrected this problem without sacrificing the highly desirable Eli traits. Probably the best known dog from this cross was the 4xw Ch. Chinaman 'ROM'. Chinaman had it all and has subsequently produced a superior line of dogs. The Chinaman dogs consistantly throw intelligent, powerful, game dogs with a lot of mouth, literally a complete package. These dogs are true fast lane quality and continue to make an ongoing impact in today's sporting era. It would be impossible to list all the quality dogs that came directly or indirectly from Eli Jr., Bullyson, or Brendy, because their impact on the sport continues on today.

Their are literally hundreds of famous dogs who owe their success to the Eli line and its originator Floyd B. and it would take an archive of novels to list the accomplishments of them all.




Tonka was a dog owned and handled by Ronnie. He was bred out of Tombstone ROM and Red Baby ROM. This was a ROM litter as Tonka, Crash, and Snubby all went on to win their championships. He was by all means a great Champion of a dog. Ronnie Anderson had bred many famous Champions with Tonka before Pat Patrick purchased him back from Ronnie Anderson. Due to all his productions not being reported, he is not an ROM dog. He did however produce over 10 Champions and numerous other winning dogs. If all of Tonka's offspring that had make Champion had been registered, Tonka would have had at least 10 points on the Register Of Merit list.

One of the best kept secrets in todays bulldog rhealm is the bloodline that evolved from Tonka and many of the men using the dogs that surrounded him. Anderson also owned a dog named Red Baron. Baron was a 7xw and 1xl game. He was a great dog. When they began breeding the Tonka dogs with the Red Baron dogs they eventually evolved the Tonka / Red Baron dogs. These dogs are known for extreme gameness and they are extremely durable dogs. Some of the greats were Ch. Diablo, Ch. Billy, Ch. Ginger, Ch. Chambless' Selma, Addy's Lassi, Ch. Sambo, Ch. Spade, Dillinger (2XW), Ch. Tonka Bear ROM, Ch.Willy Booger, (Gr. Ch.) Jolie Blondie, Bully Bob (4XW), Limey's Ch. Candy and many more. There was also a son of Tonka in the Lone Star state named Red Rock owned by the late Bobby D.Smith. Rock was a supergame 2x winner and fabulous producer siring loads of great dogs for Mike N. Crabb, B. D. Smith, Dean Wise, McKnight, Johnny G. and others. Rock's most famous son is Keyes' Meathead. Meathead has sired about 50 1x winners and a load of great dogs. Some of Meathead's progeny have been 3 hour dogs which is a consistant expection with these dogs. The gameness and ability has been very consistent in this family. Producing modern day greats such as Buckskin Billy, Bully a 4x winner, who was owned by R. Jr. for a short time, Levi, Honky Tonk, Anderson's Bull, and Little Eve.

This line is being used heavily today to produce some exceptional dogs when crossed on other lines. The Ch. Alligator line crossed with the Tonka Red Baron dogs, is proving to have tremendous results.

Tonka's sister Ch. Snubby was bred to a Boomerang male and produced King Limey's Tug ROM. Tug was bred to King Limey's Nelis ROM and produced 3 or 4 Champions in 1 litter. NELIS was a double grandson of Hammond's Rufus ROM. This is a strong cross establishing Champions and Register Of Merits on two different continents.




Hunter Red was originally owned by James C., I spoke to him about Hunter Red about a year back, and he said that he sold Hunter Red to Thomas S. because he was a poor quality match dog.

Thomas subsequently owned the dog for quite a while and the stud fee was fairly low, around .US if my memory is correct. He was bred a lot, some say over 200 times. He has produced well thought with many 1 and 2 time winners to his credit plus a couple of champions. Thomas later sold him to the Tennessean along with some excellent dogs that Thomas had Championed and Grand Championed from Robert H.'s stock. Robert H. got rid of most of his yard when he went over to Iraq during the Gulf War. Who knew such an exceptional litter would have been produced out of Robert's old ROM Booger bitch. Anyways this is a little off topic, but somewhat related.

The Tennessean consequently raised the stud fee price for Hunter Red too. This is good and bad, first the good. Higher stud fee will get rid of a lot of people who are just looking to peddle paper and will bring in the more serious dogman with good proven bitches. The bad is that some will think that a high stud fee means a great producer. I personally think Hunter Red is a very good producer, who will show better offspring now, because he is being bred to better bitches.

Hunter Red also had two excellent brothers. One is the ROM Deacon dog and the dead game Ch. Radar Man.

Deacon unlike Hunter Red was a match quality dog, and has produced exceptionally well considering the number of breedings that were made with him. Some say ROM is not an indication of producing ability, that it could be just a lucky litter. That's true, but Deacon has also produced the multi winning Don King dog, and a number of 1 and 2 time winners. Deacon is also only the second Red Boy male to reach ROM status. the first was Yellow John. Hunter Reds main breeding areas were the southern states, while Deacon was bred in the more northern states. It is true that some would say the Red Boy dogs are soft mouth dogs, but there is no doubt about their gameness. Mouth can always be added. Gameness should still be the primary concern. A lot more could be said about these dogs, so I hope someone will jump in and continue this.

Mr. Jeep
Note: Since I wrote this article Hunter Red has reached ROM status.


There are a few discrepencies in the story, as I have pointed out to the author.
1) HUNTER RED was owned by Mr Duprel before JC got him and Mr Duprel is responsible for breeding the first CH off of HUNTER RED, CH TOPPER (who, by the way, is the littermate to PAW PAW's mother).
2) RADAR MAN was not dead game, he quit his last time up and was put down even though people at pit side were begging to be allowed to take him home.
3) All of the other dogs that made CH off of HUNTER RED were produced by TS, before the Tennessean got him. I attribute this to the fact that the Tennessean was very hard on dogs, even starting them very young and treating them as if they had been schooled out. At times looking at them for :45 TO 1:00 the first time they were touched.
4) The Tennessean originally set the stud fee at , which is what I payed to breed to HUNTER RED in '94. Shortly after I bred to him the fee went up to.

Now here is some info not contained in the story:
1) HUNTER RED produced at least one more CH that JK will not recognize due to personal animosity to her owner. This little b###h, LADY, is a legitimate 3XW all reported but she quit her 4th time up. She was taking a killing when she stood the line. Her owner submitted a request for her CH certificate and when JK didn't put it in the next SDJ, he called JK up and gave him a piece of his mind. JK still has not issued her certificate.
2) HUNTER RED has a number of 1XW's and 2XW's out there although due to the level of competition they went into, a number of them didn't survive to go on to make CH.
3) In the litter that I raised out of HUNTER RED(a 10 pup litter), 2 were sold at an early age to get my stud fee back, 1 froze to death when I was sick and my brother was taking care of my dogs, 1 proved dead game in a kennel accident, 1 busted out all her teeth at a young age(but passed her game test even without teeth, and I still own her), 2 died in accidents before they were old enough to be looked at, 2 were culled(even though one went 1:24 in his test), and 1 after passing her test, was bred once then a nephew got loose and killed her in an accident(there is only 1 pup that lived out of her 1 litter). I often wonder "what if" I had had a little more experience under my belt before trying to raise such a high caliber litter like this one proved to be...





Champion Ace Blackie's career took off with a big bang. He was hooked up for the first time to go at 29 pounds into Mitchel's Crowbar a reputed 2x winning dog. Blackie weighed in at 27 1/2 pounds. Crowbar was 1/2 pound over weight. Blackie outclassed his older and more experienced opponent by working the head and holding him out.

Blackie won this one in 50 minutes. This win made Blackie a 1x-contract winner. The second one was at 30 pounds into Littlefield's Sparky. Blackie weighed in slightly under 28 pounds. Sparky weighed dead on weight at 30 pounds. Blackie rode the head for a quick victory. Blackie won this one in 29 minutes. This win made Blackie a 2x-contract winner.

Blackie's Third outing was into Montas' Blue Balls at 30 pounds. Blackie weighed in at 28 pounds. Blue Balls weighed in at 30 pounds. This show was pretty good. Both seemed to be extremely intelligent. Blackie was the winner in 42 minutes. This made Blackie a 3x-contract winner and a Champion.

Now Champion Blackie got hooked up for number 4 into Bilinki's Banjo at 32 pounds. Blackie arrived the day of the show looking extremely poor and sickly and weighed in at 27 pounds. Banjo was purchased specifically to beat Champion Blackie. Banjo weighed in slightly over 32 pounds but nothing was done about it. Well, Champion Blackie showed his stuff and won quite easily in 22 minutes. This made Champion Blackie a 4x contract winner at 22 months of age. It also got several fanciers who didn't campaign this bloodline to get some dogs of this and related bloodlines to try for themselves.

Well most dog's stories would end there, but this is no ordinary dog. Therefore this is no ordinary story.

When Champion Blackie was 28 month's old he got taken off the chain and went to a competition weight pull at the Down East Pit Bull Club in North Carolina on March 31, 1991. Blackie weighed in at 28 pounds and competed in the 35 pounds and under Male class. He placed in his class.

Then he got awarded a trophy for the most weight pulled per pound body weight. In other words of all the dogs who competed Champion Blackie was the strongest on that day pound for pound. To explain this a 28 pound dog who pulls 1,400 pounds that is 50 pounds per pound body weight is pound for pound stronger than a 80-pound dog who pulls 3,920 pounds that is 49 pounds per pound body weight.

A week later he was then entered in the competition weight pull in Jacksonville Florida on April 7, 1989. He was also entered in the conformation show. He again weighed in at 28 pounds. Champion Blackie got first place in his conformation class of 9 dogs. He also placed again in the weight pull. A week later Champion Blackie went of the chain into Francis' Bear a 34 pound dog. Champion Blackie who again weighed in at 28 pounds won in 53 minutes.

Two weeks after that Champion Blackie was contracted into another 4x contract winner Snakeman's Champion Pedro Jr. at 28 pounds. For the first time in Champion Blackie's rough life he was going to compete with a competitor of equal little size both going for their Grand Championship. Well, everything was set to go. Then Snakeman up and backed out. He said he forfeited since he didn't want to take the chance on getting Junior killed or injured where he couldn't be breed being he was getting a $1000 for a stud fee of Junior back then.

July 4th Champion Blackie again went of the chain and won in 38 minutes. His opponent Martinez' Lou was another 34 pound dog who went into Champion Blackie's 28 pound little self. Champion Blackie continued to compete and place in weight pulls all over the county. Blackie is in a league by himself.

Then Champion Blackie got bit by a rattlesnake in August. The word went out to two or three friends and the challenges poured in about 3 hours later. Everyone seemed to have 38 pounders to go into 28 pound Champion Blackie.

The smallest challenger was J. & Dee's Man a 1x winner at 34 pounds against The Professor's Tuffy or Scruffy, Anyway something like that. It was felt that if Champion Blackie wasn't hooked up this time even though he was sick so he could go for his Grand Championship, there would probably never be a next time being Champion Blackie was such a hard biting, destroying, killing type of competitor. So it was set up to go late September. Champion Blackie again weighed in at 28 pounds.

Man weighed in slightly over 34 pounds but nothing was said. To put this into perspective a 28 pound dog competing against a 34 pound dog is the same as a 56 pound dog competing against a 68 pound dog an obvious unfair advantage. Being Champion Blackie was such a hard biting; destroying, killing type of competitor none ever wanted to dare compete at even weight. This one went 1 hour and 22 minutes with Champion Blackie going 6 pounds uphill till he could not could not go.

It is interesting that 2 weeks after this show J. & Dee Kennels bred a bitch to Champion Blackie. Then another one 3 weeks after the show was also bred to Champion Blackie. The plan was to cross the Champion Blackie blood with the Man dog's blood. Obviously they knew when they saw something they liked.

Champion Blackie was weight pulled till he got his Ace title. For the grand finale on his weight-pulling career he was entered in 6 different classes. Champion Blackie weighed in at 28 pounds. He was entered in Males 35 pounds and under, Males 35-45 pounds, Males 45-55 pounds, Males 55-65 pounds, Males 65-75 pounds, and Males 75 pounds and over. Now you had to enter your natural body weight class first. So Champion Blackie was entered in 35 pounds and under. To enter a higher class there must be 3 dogs in the higher class. There were 3 dogs in higher class.

Well, when the weight-pulling judge decides there are only a few dogs entered they usually combine classes. In this case there were allot of dogs and the judge decided to be lazy and combine all classes. So Champion Blackie pulled 500 pounds with Males 35 pounds and under then pulled 500 pounds for 35-45 pounds, then 500 pounds for 45-55 pounds and so on. For each dogs' 1 pull Champion Blackie had to make 6 pulls of the same weight, once for each class. Champion Blackie the spectacular individual amazed everyone that day. It's had enough to place in your own natural body weight class, but to compete in a bigger dog class with the bigger dogs and beat them is stupendous. Champion Blackie placed in all 6 classes. What other dog has ever done this since the rule of three dogs in a higher-class prior? This completed his requirement for the award of the title Ace.

Champion Ace Blackie has produced dozens of contract winners bred to a couple of different bitches. Some of these are Carlos' Champion Aaron 3xW, DeBow & Jones' Champion Secretariat 3xW, Wee Willie's Champion Boots, DeBow's Champion Aardvark 3xW, DeBow's Amy 2xW, Roughside's Dutch 2xW, Roughside's Bermuda 2xW, Clam Bar Boy's Dawg 2xW, Beast Master's Betta 2xW, Nelson's Petunia 2xW, DeBow's Prissy 1xW, DeBow's Delete 1xW and Wildman Wooten's Trouble 1xW.

Champion Ace Blackie is a true freak of nature having produced winners no matter what kind of bitch he was breed to be it cold bitch, a cur, a game bitch, a contract winner, or even a champion. He has never failed to produce a dog that can and does win. Champion Ace Blackie has also produced dozens of winning conformation dogs and winning weight-pulling dogs. This story has not ended yet. This is no ordinary dog. This article was written to highlight some of the major events in Champion Ace Blackie's life as a winner, Champion, Ace, and producer of the same. Champion Ace Blackie is still alive and at public stud. Therefore again this is no ordinary story. There are several pages yet to be lived and recorded for history.

Keep your eyes open.




Before I will tell you the life story of this game little 30 lbs p.w. female, I will tell you about her ability to produce winning long-winded hard scratching game dogs, which should made any dogman proud.

When bred to F.W.K.'s 1xw Dutch (Maloney's Ch. Bert x Hall's Hot Load) she produced the 1 x winner in 2.04 Milkman's Spike defeated KKK's Champ on a hot Florida summer night, proving to be dead game by running his courtesy to collapse dead in the others corner after a brutal battle. He had one game brother, Milkman's Mad Max who was never matched but sold and vanished out of sight and a game sister, Junk Yard's Pinky who was stolen; three other males were culled at FWK's yard.

When bred to Cobra's 4 x winner Ch. Speedy (St.B.'s 1xw Rooster x Cobra's Messa) she produced FWK's Joop a deep game winner of two contests. He had a game sister, Caretaker's "Suki", who just like Joop died at a young age due to blood cancer. Cobra placed two bitches for brood, one male he culled, and another male was culled at the yard of the Iron Captain.

When bred to Roberto & F.W.K.'s Ch. Ginger (Bros' Ch. Handsome x Bros' Neutron) she produced 2xw/1xl Underdog's Fred, who's showing in his last and winning match he's dead game to boot, and FWK's Ch. Dollyson who lost his 1st in game effort from Tex Mex's Ch. Bimbo and went on to defeat three opponents the hard way later on in his career. His littermates and brothers Ajax, Ginger JR. and another male, whose name slipped my mind, are still alive on various yards. Their only sister Red Jacky died during a roll due to heart failure. Glad to know that she was bred two more times and that there are youngsters on the campaign trail and that old Dolly still has pups on the ground here.

So far about her offspring, here the complete story of how I obtained, raised and campaigned this little pit dog.

The ROSITA vs. DOLLY match. A classic battle. An old' aunt of me gave me a phone call about 11 years ago and she was telling me that her son had a little pit bull pup who was too much to handle, and if I was maybe interested to have the pup. At this moment I was loaded with dogs and didn't have the space for even a little mouse, but to help my nephew out, I decided to go and look at the pup, maybe it was a well bred one and could be farmed out.

When I was entering in my family's house a Cocker Spaniel was jumping on me and out of the living room came a very little, thin buckskin pit bull bitch running to the Cocker and grabs him by the ear. My nephew's wife was shouting to the bitch to stop, but to no avail. I was laughing all the time and released the poor Cocker. I said to my nephew "hell, she is a nice pup man!" His reply was that she was driving him crazy and asked if it is normal for a dog to have this behaviour. I told him that he did not have an average street mutt but a dog who was probably bred for combat purposes. He did not like it at all and was almost begging me to take the four-month-old bitch home with me.

I asked him if he had any papers on the dog and his wife handed me some ADBA papers which showed that this little firecracker was sired by Champion "Ben" (a 4x winner) out of "Red Danger" (a 1xw in 2.04), dogs I had knowledge of. I was really surprised to find such a well bred pup at this place and left of course the house with the bitch, but not before I had released the pup again to grab the Cocker one more time. They were pissed and I was walking to my car all the way smiling, because I had a little firecracker on my leash.

When I arrived at home my wife and daughter liked the pup immediately, since she was sweet toward people, especially children but I had still the problem that I haven't enough room to place the pup and was calling a friend of mine to farm the pup out. While I was on the phone a friend of mine was entering into my house with a big 55 lbs chocolate colored pit bull that pulled real hard on his leash. "Hell, what's that?" "He was running in the streets, looking for some trouble I guess", my friend says. I recognised this big dog as one which was owned by some coloured guys who were doing a lot of terror in the streets and treating people with their pit bulls, the kind of assholes that gave our breed such a bad reputation in our home town.

I was still on the phone and told my friend that I also had a big, bad male with no breeding; maybe you want to have him too? He said, "Yes, bring in the dogs", which I did. The chocolate "stolen" dog was rolled for 45 minutes, had shown no talent at all but was to our surprise looking game, but I decided to give him to a farmer as a guard dog and probably he is still around.

Anyway the little pup, which I decided to name Dolly was brought to my friend and picked up by me about one year later, when I heard that the owner of dogs such as Champion Harley, and Champion Speedy had obtained a bitch bred by Pat Patrick from St.B's Kennels and was standing open at 30 lbs.

My Dolly was rolled at the early age of ten months without my knowledge into a game Cotton's Bullet bitch; Dolly had killed her in seven minutes. I then rolled her into my strong Mask bitch as soon as I had her back. Dolly and Mask fought for 20 minutes, both determined to wreck each other completely. I stopped the roll cos I was afraid of losing them both.

Mask was matched later on against Peter Parker's 6xw Gr. Ch. Rasta Girl, who was going for her Championship into my dog. We lost this very hard one in 1.08, both dogs had really destroyed each other and my dog was not to save anymore. Rasta Girl had a hard time also, but finally recovered and won three more, one of these against Tattoo Ron's Nona in 24 minutes, also a dog from my kennels originally.

I had defeated Cobra before, when we were matching my Jail bitch into his Red bitch, I won this one in one hour and fifty minutes. Jail was the dam of Mask and from the 1x winner Gary who had beaten Giant Kennel's Bolio, a son of the famous St.B.'s Dylan. We agreed with each other and a match was made, with Scarface as referee. By the command let go the dogs meet each other hard in the centre of the pit. Dolly riding the head, Rosita going for the chest. Both dogs can bite hard, but Dolly seems to have the better of it.

At about 30 minutes the dogs are going down, Rosita comes through and goes for the chest, a turn claimed on Dolly, but even Ray Charles could see that there was in no way a turn made and also the referee says no turn. Rosita was building up a lead now, and both were going on real fast and determined. The crowd goes wild when both dogs going down again and swapping stifle holds. Rosita coming up first rooting real deep into Dolly's chest, who is on the floor with a hold on the under jaw, unable to come up.

Rosita is dragging Dolly through the pit, Dolly goes down fast now, she tries hard to come up but she is not strong enough anymore. Out of frustration Dolly is crying out and one of the spectators, a well-known dogman, shouts aloud that my bitch is going to die and that I am a scumbag or something like this. I watch my bitch struggling for life, still determined to wreck the other dog and tell Cobra that he can scratch his dog to win if he like.

The dogs were broke off and Dolly laying down, stretched out completely, I think the same nitwit shouted out again, that the dog is dead, I'm quoting Earl Tudor says "Hey! You want to see a dead dog scratch?" Rosita makes a real fast scratch and won, Dolly soon when she was released cries for more and was giving one of these amazing, stumbling, deep game, wide-open courtesy scratches.

The crowd was going wild, Rosita the winner in 1.10. Several fanciers told me afterwards that they had just seen the best match of their life. I was driving home with a badly wounded dog who had lost but who had satisfied me completely. I was bringing home the real McCoy, a damn little game bulldog, which makes me proud to own.
Rosita was sold to Bad Boys Kennels and won two more in short order, a real good fighting dog, who had showed to be a game one also in her first match.


PS: About that stolen dog we had, I think snitches and dog thieves are the lowest kind of scum in the sport, and I don't have any compassion with this kind of people. But let me tell you all this, when some idiots are running in the street with our breed of dogs, don't hesitate to take these dogs away from them before somebody gets killed.




Snooty was a tremendous producer and a dog that has affected the world of American Pit Bull Terriers for life. Snooty sired Garner's Gr. Ch. Spike 5x, Bristol's Thor ROM, Hall's Ch Sugar, Edward's Ch Red Lady, Ch Katie, Hargrove's Spanky ROM and also the grand sire of Garner's Ch Chinaman ROM.

Snooty won two matches, many said on gameness alone, and he did lose game to Cranshaw's Ch Rascal. In his match against Tom's Obnoxious Ox (4XW, Corvino/Lightner blood), Snooty was ahead at 57, when a turn was called on Ox to start the scratching. After 10 scratches, Snooty ran out of steam, at 1:39..

Wood's Snooty was orginally Wood's Snoopy until the registration was sent in and returned with a typo from ADBA. But, with that typo became a new name that stuck with the dog.




The first time I saw Super Gnat's Gr. Ch. Ace was when he was matched into Freddie The Arab's Ch. Rocky ( Jeep X Miss Rage ). In this match Ace broke down the powerful Rocky dog, and showed a pretty good mouth. Rocky looked like a tank in this match as he plowed forward into Ace. Rocky was picked up after :43 mins., but I was impressed with his showing against a larger Ace.

I got Ace from Super Gnat and Squeeky when he was hooked into Tom Sonnier, who had a 2X at 48lbs. The stakes were substantial and I anticipated a tough match. Tom was a dedicated dog man who had won over some stiff competition.

Ace was a brindle dog that came from the yard of Billy Stepp. At the time he had some of the best dogs around; Gr. Ch. Angus, Ch. Ruby, Ch. Willie, and Ch. Charlie, a brother to Ch. Jeep. Ace's pedigree listed Ch. Charlie as his sire and Miss Willie, a sister to Ch. Willie, as his dam. Charlie was a red and white dog, who many knowledgeable dog men considered to be the best dog they had ever seen. Ch. Willie was a 4X winner, killing each of his opponents, sired by Gr. Ch. Zebo. Willie had made quite a name for himself when he won back to back matches over the Church Point Cajuns. Rumor had it that Ace was really sired by Rex B.'s Wimpy, a brindle, sired by Gr. Ch. Angus and out of Ch. Ruby, making Ace a Zebo / Eli cross. He did look like a larger version of Angus, who was well known as a champion stopper, due to his wins over several champions.

I wanted to have Ace as strong as possible, so that he could use his mouth to his advantage. Surprisingly, Ace was not as strong as many other hard mouth dogs I had seen. So, I used light weights on his strength training days. Since Ace was a fast starter, I tried some high intensity work on him. This type of training is hard on a dog and many dogs will lose their enthusiansm if subjected to high intensity training for more than four weeks. I had to settle for the work that Ace would give me. He worked well on a treadmill, but did not care for wind sprints. He was much too smart to completely exert himself in any exercise. A good example of this was the "chicken race" as described in previous articles, Ace knew that no matter how hard he worked he wasn't going to catch that chicken. So, he would jog along, conserving energy for the one explosive charge and it was impossible to outrun Ace when he made his charge. So, I would throw the chicken up in the air and let him fly away. Ace would frantically search all over me for that hated chicken. Close to match time, I found chicken feathers all over his pen and knew he caught one of the hens that ran loose on my place. I got the extra weight off of him a couple of days before that match and had him fed up so all his muscle glycogen stores were at maximum capacity.

I met Super Gnat and Squeeky at the match site and we gave Ace just a little azium an hour before the match. Tom had a dog of Jeep breeding and he looked strong. Ace tried hard, but could not get to where he wanted to. But, by :30 mins he got to the back end and Tom's dog couldn't scratch at :40. Ace ran a courtesy scratch and recorded his 4th win. Ace went on to win 2 more and was then retired to stud. He has sired a number of good dogs including but not limited to: Ch. Fiesty, Lilly Mae, Rambo, Champ, Axle, Goldie, and Ice Cube to name a few.

My first time seeing Gr. Ch. Ace was in his last days as a grey ole warrior. He sat at the front of Super Gnat's yard as if he was guarding his progeny or if to say that all the visitors that came came to see him. I was breeding to Rambo, Jr. at the time, but wanted to back my gyp up to Ace. Super Gnat said he's old and may not be able to produce, but you could back her up to his brother Honey. Honey was a 4X winner and had more of the Zebo appearance than did Ace. Super Gnat and I talked some more about Ace and how he won an actual 7 matches and how Honey won his four, but J.K. wouldn't accept some of the matches. He told me about Ace's sister, who won a few and lost to Ch. Bolero. I eventually got a female from the Ace / Tar Baby (Angus X Ruby) breeding, named Goldie. She was a hard biting gyp who killed a female of mine while Goldie was in her last two weeks of pregnancy. She was sent to TX where she won one in :15 min. taking out both of her opponent's shoulders within the first :10 min.




The Boyles line of dogs started from a Patrick bred bitch named Boyle's Dirty Mary ROM crossed with some very rough Eli blood through Holland's Gr. Ch. Cherokee Chief ROM, who was off of Everett's Buck and Goodman's Mizu. Buck died in a kennel accident on Irish Jerry's yard with his Gr. Ch. Weehunt dog. Both dogs were lost. The Boyles line has since taken off in a big way, and is a very well respected.

Dirty Mary is one of the most popular dogs in the Boyles line today. This female has produced Champions and other known producers. A few are Ch Bolt Action ROM, Ch Mr. Rogers, Ch Reno ROM, Lugnut 1x, Clyde the Undertaker 2x, and many other fine dogs. Direct daughter of Gr Ch Hank and out of Red Baby, she was made to produce. A great line that has benefited extensively from the Eli line that was created by Ronald Boyles.




Shankbone's Gr Ch Lionhead is going to one of those dogs that proved himself highly, produced some great ones, but before it is highly recognized, the dog himself will be gone. Then everyone will be scratching to find stuff off of him.

He not only made the Grand Champion Title, but exceeded it by going another round to become a 6 time winner.

He has already produced several Champions and winners including Heartland & Young's Ch Horse, Nortorious Game Dog's Ch Riddick Bowe, Ch Shankbone, Hooten's Doc Holiday 2x, and many other winners.

He is from a proven cross of Eli/Bullyson with Alligator.




Without a doubt one of the best dog that the late Andre Giroux ever owned. Giroux' Ch Gunner ROM is one amoung many found in pedigrees today. He sired Crenshaw's Ch. Otis ROM, Giroux' Ch. Tripp, Giroux' Ch. Ben, Gunner, Jr., and many other winners. Gunner also had a brother named Cooper's Ch. Black Jack.

Andre got Gunner as a 2XW, who went on to win 2 more for him.

Gunner won his first match against Indian Eddie and his Whiskey dog in :44 min at 41 1/2lbs. For his second he defeated Pulido's Iron Billy in 1:10 at 46lbs. For his championship he defeated Pickes' Black Ruth in :40 min at 45lbs. at the age of six years old.

Ch. Ben was owned by a couple of people before Andre Brousseau finally got him and this dog was of the style straight ahead all night long until you killed him, because he had NO ABILITY, NO MOUTH and NO BRAINS. He fought on heart alone. A. Brousseau bred him to couple of Patricks bitches he had at the time but nothing really ever panned out from what I remember.

Gunner Jr., was a littermate to Ch. Ben (Brousseau), his bottom side was the Bullyson x Arts Missy bitch Andre had (Mignonne) that produced that litter. He was a funny dog when being tested.(3 dogged), he would not go on the 2nd dog, but if you brought back the 1st one (it did not matter who the dog was, so long it came first) he would fight all night long.

Ch.Gunner ROM was the foundation stud for Andre's dogs




Ch. Mechanic is a large 55lb. pit winner, who’s the product of tight Ch. Honeybunch breeding. He is 25% Ch. Bo ROM, 25% Ch. Otis ROM, and 50% Ch. Honeybunch ROM, which represents the highest percentage you can get of Honeybunch blood, as she was never bred to any of her sons.

“Nick”, as he is called, was matched at 50lbs. and none of his opponents ever made it to the hour mark, which makes him 100% bulldog.

Ch. Mechanic has littermate brothers: Yankee Boys’ Modie and Deronjeaux’ Nitreaux. Also half brothers Windy City Combine’s Ch. Beetle Juice, Yankee Boys’ Ch. Blondie, Pit Stop’s Ch. Bandit, Can Am Boys’ Jethro and Hurricane Kennels’ Ch. Stormin’ Norman, just to name a few of his siblings. Mechanic has also produced champions Gunner, Sex Machine and Miles Davis, and numerous one and two time winners.




Earl Tudor always named Black Jack as the finest dog he had ever seen. Apparently, the dog was no slouch, as he was many times matched with dogs much heavier than he was, and he always won. As a matter of fact, he was open to whatever was available at any weight. His matches are well substantiated, and everyone who saw him proclaimed him the best!

Unfortunately, not much is known about the breeding on this dog, but his sire was Tudor's Black Tige, who was Delihant breeding and his dam was Blackwell Mollie who was Swineford / Delihant.




From the breeding of Walling's Bullyson to Art's Missy there came a litter of well known dogs: Hudson's Tex, Holt's Jeremiah, Davis' White Bull, H. L.'s Rojo, Kemmer's Macho, Gomez' Toot, Giroux' Black Pinky, Ramsey's Arty, Reddick's Tootsie Roll, Petronelli's Fox, Lott's Dr. Pepper, Carver's Belle, Carver's Black Missy, Carver's White Bull, Art's Big Boy, Bickett's Boze, Hudes' Spade, Carson's Spook, J. Carver's Nassan, Perry's Big Missy, Perry's White Missy, and Loposay's Buster to name a few.

I believe it was 1973 when Mr. Loposay purchased Buster from Maurice Carver.

Mr. Loposay's friend John Shivar of Fla. worked for an airline, and he could fly to Tx and pick up Buster for free. Shivar agreed to do this as long as he could use Buster for a short time as he had a couple of his best bitches coming in season. The agreement was made and Mr. Shivar brought Buster to his home in Fla. and was bred to a couple of his best. Not a month had passed before Mr. Shivar had passed away. J.R. Loposay made the trip to Fla. and brought Buster back to Sanford, NC. One month later Mr. Loposay passed away.

Most all the famous breedings of Buster were made by Mrs. Loposay and their daughter untill Buster passed on in 81.

Through the years in fast company the talk around the campfire was that Buster was really a Colby dog.

In 1978 the late Andre Giroux reported a match he had just won with a son of Davis' Gr. Ch. Boomerang that he called Paddy (Trulock's Ch. Spike in some peds thanks to the G-Man). This was Paddy's third win and Andre also wanted to register him as a Champion. During the course of the conversation Andre was bemoaning the fact he didn't have a thing to breed Paddy to, that is nothing that he thought would cross well with Paddy. Andre was reminded that he did have a bitch that would look real good bred to Paddy. The bitch was called Black Pinky and was one of the 30 or so odd dogs that was registered as being sired by Bullyson out of Art's Missy. Andre never liked that old bitch, he claimed she was as ugly as any bitch he had ever seen. Someone had cut off her ears and her tail and she was scared from head to toe. Andre had matched her one time and had to pick her up in nine minutes with a bad bleeder (actually she jumped the rail and ran for the hills). Andre had farmed her out after she lost and as he thought about it, he did admit that the bitch was as ugly as sin. At last Andre agreed that the breeding looked like a good one and then he said, "I'll make the breeding and if they have pups, I'll send you a couple odd male pups."

Some time later Andre called again and said that Black Pinky had whelped five in that litter, three male pups and would I mind if he just sent me one pup instead of the two he promised. He sent me a little black pup, chunky built and undershot that even at his early age, he looked like he was in charge of everything around him. Andre registered the dog with ADBA and named him Black Flash.

Irish Tom purchased a son of Buster he named Justice. Rebel Kennel's had a belly brother to Justice named Son Dance, on some peds Sundance. Justice was registered as Morgan's Toro as these dogs were bred by the late Vern Morgan.

Hudson's Tex was highly touted in his match career, so much so that it was planned for him to go into Ch. Greaser. As luck, or fate, or whatever you desire to call it goes, Tex got hurt in a chain fight and Hudson was going to have to pay the forfeit. Rather than give away money, he called and asked if Adams would take over the match with Zebo. Zebo eventually went on to win this legenary match. Tex was later matched into D. Devine (Coleman's) Ace (Cassius Clay breeding). Tex was all over Ace, but not doing much damage, while Ace was. At :17 a turn was called on Ace. At the :55 min mark, after 14 scratches each, Tex was ahead, but Ace did alot of damage from the bottom, and took over the fight. Tex made his last six scratches game, stumbling ones. Ace won in 1:17, Tex lost dead game when attempting his last scratch he took a few steps forward and collapsed. He died shortly after the fight.




Zera was bred by K. Allen. Her sire was Ch. Zero, who was the full brother to Gr. Ch. Virgil, the sire of these two was Ch. Homer ROM. Her dam was K. Allen's Lucy, Lucy's sire was Shawn's Tugboat Willie. Tugboat Willie holds the record for the longest recorded match in history.

For Zera's second, she was matched into Cotton Tackett, who's gyp carried some Fargo blood. I traveled to Kentucky for this one and met Cotton i his own backyard. Whether the six and one-half hout drive had anything to do with it or not, she became constipated and would not empty out. She was over weight by one pound. Fortunately, I was there two hours early and there was a match going on. WE were to fight next after this match. Cotton raised all kinds of hell and wanted the forfeit as soon as we got there and weighed in. I told him that I would walk my bitch to get her to empty out, and if she would not come down to the agreed weight, I would pay the forfeit. While trying to walk my bitch, she wasn't interested in anything except getting back to the barn, to look for her opponent.

Finally, we were headed back to the barn after walking for an hour without Zera emptying out. Once again we weighed, and once again we were over the weight by one pound and Tackett demanded the forfeit. My son, Butvh, was with me and he was holding the money. He told Cotton we would pay the forfeit if Cotton put his dog on the scale and she was on weight. Cotton bitched and moaned adn said his bitch was two pounds under the weight. The referee, Nate from Chicago, told Cotton to get his bitch and show her weight. Finally Cotton agreed and put his bitch on the scale. She was a black and white bitch, who looked to be slim, trim and muscular. Well to our surprixe, Mr. Tackett's bitch weighed exactly the same as ours. One pound over and both weinghing 32lbs. Cotton was over excited and said "go get your bitch."

It was the first time we had traveled out of the yard. In fact, I had only rolled Zera twice and the longest being :15 minutes. She was a little crowd shy and slow to start. Cotton's bitch had been schooled in this very same pit. She barnstormed Zera and stayed out of trouble by fighting the ear, lip, and dancing backwards. Cotton's bitch then switched to fighting the pads of the feet. It took Zera eight minutes to get her first hold, which was on th muzzle. Zera took full control from that moment on. She stayed on the muzzle for a few minutes and must have bit pretty hard, because Tackett's bitch went limp in a few minutes. She never fought back after that point. It was now :25 minutes into the match and Zera did not get her first hold until eight minutes.

It was apparent that Tackett's bitch was done. Tackett would not except this and he would not pick up. The referee would not declare my dog the winner either. So, Zera just dragged her around the pit until the :50 minute mark and she would not come out of hold. Finally, I agreed to scratch to win. Cotton was still trying to cheat. When I faced my dog up and looked across the pit. Cotton was in the corner, but his bitch was laying limp at his feet. I told the referee, Nate that I wanted some fair refereeing, and he agreed. He ordered Cotton to hold up his dog. Zera ran a good scratch to win in :52 minutes.

If I had been matched into a gentleman, it would have been over in 25-30 minutes. It took me 6 1/2 hours to drive home. The following day, Cotton Tackett called me; to my surprise. He called to tell me they had done an autopsy on their dog. The findings were a broken muzzle, four broken ribs, and punctures into the heart.

Zera was the dam of Stevens' Troll ROM.




Street Sweeper is a big, black dog bred by The Original Bounty Hunters.

Sweeper is a very game dog, winning his last show on three legs. He also has shown to have a tremendous mouth. He's won over 3 dogs that were going for their championships and one dog that was going for his grand championship.

His matches were as follows:

Mau Mau Kennels' Gold Baron.......50...1:00
Wee Willie's Ch. Z-Boy.....................51.....:54
Scoop & Co.'s Wild Dog...................50......:27
Tex Mex & Mario's Tatonka............51......:57
Dangerous Dan's Malcomb.............52......:52 BIS winner

Sweeper is 54 times Boudreaux' Eli, 54 times Boudreaux' Spook, 29 times Clayton's Eli, Jr., and 23 times Adams' Kingfish.




Davis' Gr. Ch. Boomerang, was a littermate to some great dogs, including Petronelli's Ch.. Fox, Art's Missy and Brown's Ch. Nell.

Boomerang was a five time winner and was the first dog to be awarded the "Gr. Ch." title by the SDJ. He was shown between '71-'75 at weights between 39-42 lbs. His longest outing was :55 against Teal's Tramp.

He sired many a good dog, including Giroux' Ch. Paddy, Sorrell's Ch. Gator, Devine's Ch. Bruce, and Wood's Miss Pool Hall Red ROM.

Boomerang was also a three time "Best In Show" winner in his five outings. For Boomerang's Grand Championship, he was matched into Howard T. and won in :50 minutes. In this fight Boomer was 7 1/2 years old, his last fight until this one was 3 years before.




It all started when No Name Jay went to Southern Kennels' yard and saw Barracuda as an 11 month old pup. Victor told Jay that the pup had got into a kennel accident and stopped a 2X winner. Jay was impressed with the way the dog looked and acted and bought him on the spot. Barracuda's sire was Southern Kennels' Gr. Ch. May Day ROM out of a daughter Powerhouse Kennels' Ch. Deadlift, named Yellow Girl.

Shortly after they began to show the dog off the chain against conditioned dogs. After winning four times with the dog, Jay called Southern Kennels and asked for the papers on Barracuda. Vic had said if they want the papers, then they should start over and make him an official registered champion. This is where the career of the dog that came to be known as "The Legend" began.

The first time they brought him out it was over before it started. Barracuda came out as if he was shot out of a cannon, and Thug's Chinaman had just become The Southern Legend's first victim.

Now everyone was talking about Barracuda and shortly after he was on his way to Georgia for number two. It was a five dog show that featured four champions, one of them being Barracuda's half brother, Ch. 600. First to go was 'Cuda into Ch. Fatty. Fatty, a son of Gr. Ch. Yellow ROM, had the reputation of being a extremely game dog, going over two hours twice. I knew we were going into a bulldog that night. Once again Barracuda came out fast and strong and soon enough Ch. Fatty was picked up and made one of the gamest attempts I had ever seen.

A couple of months later he was hooked for his third at another big show in Tennessee. This one will turn out to be Barracuda's hardest. They went toe-to-toe for an hour and fifty minutes, both dogs seemed to know that if either one blinked, it would be over. 'Cuda found his was to the back end and at one hour and fifty four minutes Soldier stopped, making Barracuda an official Champion.

Shortly after that, No Name Jay got into some serious trouble and that's when I got the one in a lifetime opportunity to purchase Barracuda. He didn't come cheap, but he was the best thing money could buy. So, for the next year and a half, Barracuda was open to the world, with no takers.

Then I received a phone call from my good friend The Cuban Cowboy, letting me know that there was this bad ass dog called Ch. Big Daddy that had just stopped the infamous Ch. Red, who was going for his grand championship and was said by many to be unstoppable. Well, Ch. Big Daddy completely outclassed Ch. Red, a 4X winner, and put on a diplay that had many saying he was the total package. Big Daddy's owners were letting everyone know that they believed he was the best 55 in the country and if Barracuda wanted the title he had to come north and get it. I called my friend The Cuban Cowboy, who knew Big Daddy's owners and told him we were willing to do it and bring it right to his own back yard. Sure enough they agreed and it was on.

Before that though, there was another small matter to be taken care of. There was a guy claiming to have the dog to beat Barracuda and right in my hometown of Miami. Well, we set it up and in :30 minutes the 3X winner, Black Boy, was taken care of and Barracuda didn't even break a sweat.

Now 'Cuda was a 4X winner and the only thing that stood in the was of his grand championship and the Dog Of The Year title was Ch. Big Daddy.

Three months later, I was right in Ch. Big Daddy's back yard, and as it turned out, it was Barracuda's easiest contest. Again, he came out strong in the back end, front end, and :30 minutes in, it was all over. And there the status of the new legend was born.


Special thanks to Victor for breeding such an exeptional animal, to The Cuban Missing Link for conditioning him for all 5 shows. To all my opponents for being first class acts, and also to The Cuban Cowboy and Mike from Work Kennels for their friendship and hospitality.





Duke Nukem is a rock-calm individual with amazing staying power and tireless stamina. He is double bred off of Poncho, who himself was one of the finest-producing Bolio/Tombstone studs in recent memory. With a total of 48 wins to his credit as a stud dog, Poncho proved himself to be a consistent sire of extremely game, game, winning dogs...and all these wins came from just twelve breedings to Poncho.

Now that Poncho is gone, his 3/4 bred son Duke is looking to follow in his daddy's footsteps as a producer - coming right out of the gate with Duke's first son (Tiger Kennels' Moose), from his first litter, winning in 2:42 over top compitition here recently. Duke only has two litters on the ground, and Moose was only 19 months old when he won. This kind of gameness is common in Poncho dogs.

Duke's sister Athena Red also produced a winner in 2:12 here recently as well and from her first litter too. Their mother Screamer just produced a winner in 1:45 herself.

I believe Poncho not only threw game dogs with incredible consistency, but he threw dogs who themselves produce game dogs with incredible consistency.

Over the last 6 years this bloodline is now at 117 wins, 25 losses, with only 11 dogs refusing to continue from a total of 142+ matches! That's an 82% win record. With the incredible air that he has, and is showing he can throw to his pups, I consider Duke Nukem to be #1 stud right now.




Eli was the product of the breeding efforts of Floyd Boudreaux. He was heavily bred on Floyds all time favorite dog Blind Billy. When Eli a 2xw was bred to Mr. Boudreaux' Spook, another Blind Billy breed dog, the outcome was to change the sporting community forever. Three famous names that come to mind from the Eli/Spook breeding are: Eli Jr., Bullyson, and a bitch named Brendy.

Boudreaux' Eli is without question one of the most famous of modern dogs from the 60's era. He and his sons Eli Jr. (sire of Gr. Ch. Art.-grandsire of Chinaman, Stompanato, Crenshaw's Ch. Rascal etc.) and Bullyson (sire of Ch. Honeybunch, Midnight Cowboy and Chivo, Loposay's Buster etc.) were used to create lines of their own and those in turn have spawned even more good lines of bulldogs. There is hardly a line of good dogs today that cannot trace its lineage back to the Eli dog. He was a product of inbreeding on Boudreaux' old Blind Billy dog (Dibo X Minnie) with some Trahan's Rascal (Dibo's half brother) blood thrown in, both good Tudor/Corvino bred dogs. I believe Mr. Boudreaux is still producing some fine dogs and I have talked to dog men who wouldn't have one from anyone else. Mr. Boudreaux has been breeding these dogs for over 35 years and has produced some of the best ever to look through a collar. The perfect southern gentleman and devoted family man, he is a real credit to the dog game and an excellent role model for the aspiring young dog man .

Eli Jr. was a fantastic 2xw himself and sire of one of the greatest dogs of all time, the 7xw Gr.Ch. Art. Art was unfortunately stolen and never recovered. Before Art was stolen the breedings made with him produced a high percentage of quality game dogs and enough to make Art an 'ROM' producer. Just to imagine what Art could have produced if he wouldn't have been taken is enough to boggle the mind. Art had a litter brother who was an exceptionally talented dog in his own right, the 3xw Ch. Hurt. Bullyson was a 2xw, 1xL and another fantastic producer. Bullyson's only loss was to one of his sons Benny Bob. Benny Bob subsequently lost to Jimmy Boots in a classic match. Bullyson's legend as a producer can be found in many dogs, but his most famous offspring has to be the 5xw Ch. Honeybunch, the all time leading 'ROM' bitch. Honeybunch subsequently produced the 4xw Ch. Jeep. Jeep now ranks as the number one 'ROM' dog to this day and literally deserves to be covered in a story alone.

Other famous Bullyson offspring are Loposay's Buster 'ROM', and the ever so famous Midnight Cowboy. Brendy when bred to her brother Eli Jr., produced P. Carver's Black Shine. Shine subsequently produced the legendary 8xw, 1xL Ch Rascal, Oso Negro a brother to Rascal, and the world famous P. Carver's Stomponato. Rascal when bred to Honeybunch produced the 3xw Polly, who in turn was bred to Jeep's father the 6xw, 1xL Ch. Bo 'ROM', thereby producing the great 7xw Gr.Ch. Outlaw. Another famous Eli bred dog was the 5xw Gr. Ch. Nigerino.


APRIL 28, 1968 Sixth Match: JACK SMITH VS. FLOYD BOUDREAUX Males at 38 pounds. Cajun Rules, Howard Teel, Referee Pete Sparks, Timekeeper

Jack is using a red dog called Bozo said to have been bought by Sonny Sykes from Jerome Hernandez. Floyd is using a black which he calls Eli. The black gets the first hold as Bozo gets skin hold in throat. Black is getting into the throat of Bozo as Bozo works the ear trying for a shoulder.

$50 to $25 bets being made. Bozo the favorite. Black is showing good and working for Bozo's throat. $500 to $250 being offered. All the dog fighting in the previous match is being wrapped up in a ten-minute space of time in this fight. Black gets in Bozo's throat at 14, then Bozo throws one leg over the black's shoulder, gets an ear and throws the black dog. Bozo gets a shoulder and shakes and the black dog gets a mouth hold and gets him off.

Black up at 15 and into the throat. The black comes up and the bets shift to even money as both dogs are working the shoulders and front legs. Bozo gets the nose and shakes at 21. Changes to a hind leg, gets stifle and shakes. Bozo is working front leg. Back to mouth fighting at 25-minute mark. Bets getting hard to get at even money as first one then the other gets on top and gets nose and mouth. The black acts as though he has shot his wad. Bozo has opened up the black's front leg and the black is weakening. Story is that the black has heartworms. 38 and a pick up, Bozo to scratch. Made determined scratch, gets a front leg and the black goes into Bozo's neck. 40 a pick up, black scratches hard. Bozo gets nape of neck and the black goes down. At the 45 minute mark Kenneth Chandler says, if the little black dog don't win, his children will go hungry for a week. 54 a pick up, Bozo to scratch. Made determined scratch. 57 pick up with black to scratch. Trotted over and took hold, gets an ear and Bozo goes down. Bozo makes a good scratch at the one-hour mark. One minute later the black makes a good scratch and Smith gives up the fight. Black makes a good courtesy scratch. Eli is the winner in one hour and one minute.


NOVEMBER 9, 1969 JACK SMITH VS. JUNIOR Males at 37 1/2 pounds. Cajun Rules, Leo Kinard, Referee

Jack is using a fawn and white Corvino dog. Junior is using a black dog named Eli. Eli, is the betting favorite from the start as he gets the Corvino dog in the throat with a skin hold. The Corvino dog gets an ear and holds on. Deuce is Jack's dog's name. Eli is Boudreaux breeding. Deuce held the ear for about 4 minutes. Eli got loose but Deuce got his ear again and throws Eli. Eli gets in the throat an Deuce tumbles in a summersault in an effort to free himself. Deuce gets Eli by the nose and gets him off, gets a leg. Eli tries but can't stay in hold. Boudreaux claims that Bozo broke his jaw.

Sonny Sykes bought Bozo from Hernandez. Bozo had previously beat Al Offer's "Tuffy" in December. Jack's dog is fanged. Handler frees him at 19. Dogs out of hold at 20, catching their breath. Eli gets the throat. Deuce is on his back with skin hold, and Eli is resting out of his hold at 23. Eli gets up and tries for the throat, but Deuce gets an ear and Eli goes down. Dogs out of hold catching their breath at 26.

After a flurry of excitement, the dogs are out of hold and Junior asks for an out of hold count. Jack asks the referee if he must consent and the referee tells him no, so Jack refuses to go along with the out of hold count. Eli gets up and gets a good hold on a front leg but lets go and stands, Deuce is flat, catching breath at 30. Then they are up and at it, and Eli is working a cheek hold. Deuce was fanged through the tounge, Jack frees him. Eli acts like he thinks he has done all he should be called on to do but goes back into foot and skin holds. At 35, the dogs are out of hold, catching their breath.

Eli turns, a pick up is made, Eli scratches hard and went for the throat and Deuce goes down. 37, a handle was made, Deuce to scratch. Deuced is counted out and the black dog makes a good courtesy scratch. Eli declared winner in 38 minutes.

The thing that make the Eli dogs so popular is that they are powerfully built dogs with devastating mouths who consistently throw these traits into their offspring.




Searcy Jeff

Both Bob Wallace and Bob Hemphill proclaimed this dog the best they had ever seen. Jeff was a killing punisher that would nearly bite a dog's head right off. Like most bone-crushing pit aces, Jeff's deep gameness was questioned by dog men. (Since Jeff would render a dog helpless in a matter of minutes, his matches never went very long, and his gameness was thus never proved before the public.) However, after his teeth were ruined from fighting rocks, Jeff was purchased by Bob Wallace (a king's ransom couldn't have got him before that time). Since Wallace planned to base his entire strain of dogs on Jeff, he left it absolutely necessary to game-test him. He used three different dogs in turn on Jeff, and the dog took it all and begged for more!

Wallace's King Cotton

King has already been discussed to some extent under the section on breeders, but he's worth coming back to. Here was a dog that was the epitome of everything that is good about the American Pit Bull Terrier. It was my pleasure to have been acquainted with this particular animal, and I would give a pretty penny to have one like him. He was a fine-looking dog, and, like so many other Pit Bulls, he had an ideal disposition and a real happy-go-lucky attitude. As a pit dog, he was renowned because of this nearly unbelievable ability. His contest against Corvinos Blackie "made" his reputation. Most pit dog men were not overly fond of the Blackie dog, as he was a "man-eater", and it is part of the pit dog man's credo that a mean dog is never dead game. Blackie was putting this idea to a severe test, however, as he had beaten four fine dogs in a row! At the match between Blackie and King Cotton, the pit was wired in to protect the spectators from Blackie, and the referee carried a club to protect the men in the pit - just in case! There, handlers with three leashes brought the muzzled animal into the pit. King dominated the fight from start to finish, and Blackie refused to scratch at the hour and thirty-one minute mark. Thus, King Cotton became an instant hero by beating a very unpopular dog that no one had seemed able to stop.




Oakie was a good dog, producer and had good brothers and sisters, that produced. They are behind some of the best of the best. This is the foundation behind Lonzo's stuff and a lot of the Ozzie Stevens' blood. But what a lot of people don't know, is that if this breeding never took place they wouldn't have there Gr. Ch. Yellow blood or most of the Tant dogs. Tant's Miss Jocko is off Chavis' Lady Rose who was off Ch. Jocko to Chavis' Ch. Lady Sassy Mead. Chavis' Lady Sassy Mead was half Lonzo blood through Chavis' Black Betty who was sired by Lonzo's Junior. Junior was a brother to Oakie and Lady, and was bred to Brewer's Rosie who was a sister to Zebo and Vindicator. Also, Rosie's dam Angie is off Lady, Oakie's sister too.

Oakie produced Ch. Freddie, Ch. Mountain Boy, and Ch. Homer, was double grandsire to Ch. Spitfire and grand sire to Ch. Rosey, Ch. Suzy, Gr. Ch. Virgil and his brother Ch. Zero.

His sister Greg's Lady produced Ch. Bullwinkle and Big Boy. Lady is also the grandmother to Gr. Ch. Zebo, Vindicator, and Rosie.